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From a small cluster of students back in 1961, Monash Engineering has grown to become one of the largest engineering faculties in the country. And we’re making our mark. With our equal emphasis on teaching excellent engineering skills as well as well-rounded people, Monash engineering graduates are endeavouring to solve the major issues of our time.

The early days

In March 1961, the very first students to study at what was then the new Monash University stepped onto the semi-rural Clayton campus on the outskirts of Melbourne to commence their studies. Among this first group of 363 students, were 23 students about to embark on their Bachelor of Engineering degrees.

Top 50

Monash Engineering is a global top 50 engineering school, and is one of the largest in the country. We’re renowned worldwide for the quality of our teaching and research, and the calibre of our graduates.

Our engineers are out there, conducting research and working in the field to solve the emerging problems of our society. Think of the major issues of our time – climate change, water, and sustainable energy for development – they’re all issues looking for solutions. And we have teams of engineers and specialists in cross-disciplines, working together to find them.

The Monash difference

Great engineers are so much more than just their skills. That’s why our engineering courses aim to produce highly skilled engineers who are ready for life, ready for work, and ready for the world. We offer a range of programs to help our students become well-rounded engineers.

What’s more our courses offer flexibility and choice, which means that our students get to shape their degrees according to the areas that ignite their passions the most, (including combining their engineering studies with other disciplines).

Engineering is hands-on. Monash engineering students have the luxury of developing their skills in some of the world’s best engineering facilities. Not surprisingly, our degrees are professionally accredited and internationally recognised.

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