Transport Engineering

transport group

The transport discipline is active in a wide range of research projects that span all three of the department's research themes.

The transport discipline also directs the Institute for Transport Studies.


Head of Discipline: Prof Geoff Rose

Academic staff

Dr Kun An
Prof Graham Currie
Dr Alexa Delbosc
Prof Serge Hoogendoorn
Prof Michael Kennedy
Dr Inhi Kim
Prof Geoff Rose
Prof Hai Vu
Dr Nan Zheng

Research staff

Dr Marilyn Johnson

Adjunct staff

Prof Zhiyuan (Terry) Liu
Prof William Young

Key facilities

Teaching commitments

The transport discipline makes teaching contributions to a range  of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In particular it has a leading role in two Postgraduate Masters’ programs and the SEU-Monash, and is responsible for the following core units:

Study Mode:  *Off-Campus, **On-Campus,  ***SEU-Monash China:

CIV5301: Advanced Traffic Engineering* **
CIV5302: Traffic Engineering and Management* **
CIV5303: Quantitative Methods*
CIV5304: Intelligent Transport Systems*
CIV5305: Transport Modelling* **
CIV5306: Road Safety Engineering*
CIV5308: Case Studies*
CIV5310: Infrastructure Project and Policy Evaluation*
CIV5311: Infrastructure Project Management*
CIV5314: Transport Planning and Policy* **
CIV5315: Transport Economics*
CIV5316: Fundamentals of Urban Public Transport*
CIV5318: Intelligent Transportation Systems: Engineering & Management***
CIV5319: Quantitative Methods  for  Transportation  Systems  Analysis***
CIV5320: Case  Studies in Transportation Systems***
CIV5321: Sustainable Transportation Systems Planning***
CIV5322: Urban  Public Transportation Systems***
CIV5406: Modeling Transportation Systems***