Undergraduate courses

Our undergraduate engineering courses are designed with choice and flexibility in mind, to optimise career prospects and encourage students to diversify their study options at Monash University.

Engineering single degrees

Monash offers the professionally accredited Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) as a four-year course, with specialisations and minors in 19 traditional and emerging engineering fields. As an undergraduate spend your first year* attaining a solid foundation in a broad range of engineering disciplines and concepts, as well as university life and the Monash difference. In level two, pursue your preferred engineering specialisation, choosing from 10 available options*. In level three and four, add to your expertise with one of 10 engineering minor study options.

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*Biomedical engineering specialisation is selected from the first year.

Engineering double degrees

Many Monash Engineering students are studying engineering as part of a double degree. The addition of studying a second degree diversifies your job opportunities and maximises career choice and flexibility post studying. The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) aligns with ten other degrees, offered by Monash University.

A double degree with Monash Engineering can be completed in just one additional year and will add extensive breadth to your course.

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Specialisations in Engineering

If you already have an idea about what engineering specialisation interests you or if you are looking to find what area of engineering sparks your interest; we have a range of opportunities to check out.

The first year of the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) enables students to sample an array of engineering specialisations to better understand which area they would like to pursue at the commencement of level two onwards.

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Engineering minors

Complement your engineering specialisation with a minor and tailor your studies to explore your interests and expand your career opportunities. If you are completing a single degree course, you can use electives to complete one of the engineering minors from a different discipline or emerging field of engineering. A minor has four units studied over at least two years and is listed on your transcript.

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Accelerated masters pathway

The Masters Accelerated Pathway is available for high-achieving students intending to enrol in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree at Monash. The pathway is essentially an accelerated program that positions high-achieving students on track to earn both a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree and a Master of Engineering in just five years.

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