Structural Engineering

Structures Group

The vision of the structural discipline is: smarter, stronger, more durable structures – informing responsible future practices in structural engineering. Our projects span all three of the department's research themes.


Head of Discipline: Dr Amin Heidarpour

Academic staff

Dr Mehrdad Arashpour
Prof Yu Bai
Dr Colin Caprani
Ms. Pippa Connolly
Prof Wenhui Duan
Dr Yihai Fang
Dr Amin Heidarpour
Dr Ye Lu
Dr Robert Moehler
Dr Phu Nguyen
Dr Elizabeth Sironic

Research staff

Dr Ezzat Shamsaei

Adjunct staff

Prof Riadh Al-Mahaidi
Prof Chien Wang
Dr Xiaoming Wang

Key facility

Teaching commitments

The structural discipline makes teaching contributions to a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.