Work experience

If your work experience is Engineering-related, your time can count towards 100% of your CPD minimum hour requirement.

If your work experience is not Engineering-related, your time can count for up to 50% of your CPD minimum hour requirement.

Bear in mind that students generally aren’t encouraged to undertake Engineering-based work experience until their first year’s results have been released, they’ve passed at least 48 credit points, and they’ve been officially allocated to an Engineering specialisation.

Smaller CPD experiences can be completed as soon as you’re an enrolled Monash Clayton Engineering undergraduate student.

Download the CPD Requirement Letter for Employers (PDF, 0.07 MB) to provide to your employer to request work experience opportunities and the appropriate supporting documentation.

Finding work experience

Search for vacation work and employment opportunities through the Monash University online job system Career Gateway

The Career Connect staff can suggest strategies and resources to help you with your work experience search, as well as provide details on CPD-relevant workshops, seminars and leadership opportunities.

Career Connect Jobs and careers is a valuable resource for additional information and links to assist you in:

  • Finding Work – Job-hunting methods
  • Applying for a Job – Application methods, cover letters, interviews
  • Understanding workplace rights – Workplace rights
  • Planning your career – Develop a career plan
  • Improving employability – Developing your skills
  • Attending career events – Career development programs

You can use Student Futures to find professional development opportunities that are right for you. There are lots of options listed.

Here are some links to help you search for employment beyond the Career Gateway:

You might also find information contained in this Work Experience Resource Kit (PDF, 0.61 MB) useful

Paid work experience

Students do not need to get written approval for work experience if they are being paid by their host organisation. Getting paid for your work (the legal minimum wage or higher) means you should be covered by the employer’s insurance. Please check with your employer that you are covered by appropriate insurance before you commence any work. You should never work without adequate insurance coverage.

Unpaid work experience

If you are not being paid, Monash University has insurance that covers a maximum of 80 hours per employer. Monash’s insurance policy will not apply to unpaid work experience if it is not supervised by the host organisation.

Students who wish to go on an unpaid placement can request insurance coverage from Monash University using the Course-Related Learning Placement Proposal forms below provided that the following requirements have been met:

  • you must have passed 48 credit points of study and been officially allocated an Engineering specialisation
  • no prior internship can have taken place at the same host organisation unless the roles are significantly different
  • precise dates and times of the entire placement must be provided in advance
  • no more than 80 hours can be worked per placement/host organisation
  • you must not have already begun your placement when applying
  • at least ten working days’ notice must be allowed (for processing time)

If you wish to proceed with requesting Monash insurance coverage for your unpaid work experience, the application process involves the following steps:

  1. Download and complete Form 1 (Host Details) (PDF, 0.23 MB) and Form 2 (Student Application) (PDF, 0.32 MB). Someone from the host organisation will be required to complete their portion of Form 1.
  2. Email the completed forms to or bring them to the Student Services (Ground Floor at 14 Alliance Lane, Monash Clayton). Please ensure you have completed all sections of the forms. Incomplete forms will be returned without being processed.
  3. The Student Services team will review the forms and request approval from your department academic.
  4. If everything is in order the Student Services team will issue you with your insurance letter. You can then present this letter to the host organisation, keeping a copy for your own records.

Students are urged not to attempt work experience without proper and adequate insurance coverage.

Before accepting an unpaid opportunity, check to see if the arrangement being proposed is in-line with Fair Work Australia.

Some resources that will help you understand your rights when engaging in work experience are below:

There will be severe penalties for anyone caught falsifying claims on their CPD. Failure to supply accurate and honest details about the activities you have attended, the hours you spent at those activities, the skills you have developed, the experiences you were exposed to, or accurate contact details and supporting documentation for verification purposes, would put your graduation in jeopardy if you were suspended or excluded from the university. Monash University’s policy on Academic Integrity applies in each of those instances, and for all CPD submissions. Furthermore, as a future Engineer, you should be upholding the Engineers Australia Stage 1 competency of ethical conduct and personal accountability.