Graduate Internships

Graduate Internships

An internship allows you to get hands-on experience while you study and can open up new possibilities for your career

Internship features

  • Available to domestic and international students
  • Available in a wide range of host organisations, including for profit and not-for profit
  • Includes academic and work supervisor assessment activities
  • Students can find their own industry placements and projects

Graduate internship unit

ENG5008 Work integrated learning is an elective option in:

  • E6001 Master of Advanced Engineering
  • E6011 Master of Professional Engineering


Key Dates


English Connect

Would you like to enhance your English language skills and cross-cultural communication? English Connect programs are a fun, free way to meet and talk with other students, ask questions and share your time at Monash. There are no assessment, exams, lectures, or books - just interactive programs delivered by specially trained students. Make friends, discover new perspectives and increase your confidence in English by joining us now!

We strongly encourage all WIL students to complete the Language for Employment module. This module focuses on the communication skills you need to thrive in the professional workplace. Learn strategies for communicating at your best in interviews, talking to colleagues and your boss as well as how to network effectively and with success. Further information is available at: Employment Language

Application and Approval Process

Select a suitable placement type

Option A – Monash Sourced Placement: Choose this option if you want the faculty to find you a suitable placement. Note that this is a competitive process.
Information about the Monash Sourced placements

Option B – Student Sourced Placement: You may wish to approach a host organisation of your own choosing and find your own internship WIL placement. For more details on how to find your own placement, see the Student Sourced Placement Information (PDF, 0.17 MB).

International placements

According to current DFAT advice, students are not permitted to travel to undertake any programs overseas at this time. Therefore, only students residing in their country of citizenship or permanent residency may undertake a placement offshore until further notice. The placements must be student sourced.

Depending on the location of your placement, your placement may need to be 100% remote. Upon submitting an expression of interest (see instructions below) we will be able to advise.

As part of your student sourced application, you may be asked to provide evidence of your residency and required insurances in the country of placement.

How do I apply for an offshore student sourced placement?

Off-shore key dates Winter and Sem 2

Winter - You must submit an expression of interest form first by 12 April.
***No Expressions of interest will be accepted beyond this date***
If you receive approval to submit an application, you must submit on Inplace by 26 April

Semester 2 - You must submit an expression of interest form first by 10 May.
***No Expressions of interest will be accepted beyond this date***
If you receive approval to submit an application, you must submit on Inplace by 24 May



For questions about your eligibility to undertake WIL please submit an inquiry via Monash Connect.

Application process

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Engineering WIL Team via email via, or give us a call on (03) 9903 8866.