Online induction

The New Horizons building has restricted access. To gain access to the building, there is a 3 step process:

  1. Complete the New Horizons Building Online Induction and New Horizons Tier 1 Laboratory Online Induction here. Please note: the Tier 1 Lab induction only needs to be completed if access to labs is required.
  2. Complete the access request form and send it to your supervisor for approval. If access is required for the Parenting Room only, you can list either Ian Wheeler or Stelious Konstantinidis as the Academic Supervisor. To respect your privacy, your supervisor will not be advised that you have requested access to the Parenting Room.  In this case, please note on the form that you are requesting access to the Parenting Room only.
  3. Registration of Monash ID card not required

If you have completed your building induction and Tier 1 general labs   induction, but still require access to specialist labs, please contact   the relevant lab manager, or one of our safety officers ( or

Gas Alarms - Refresher Induction

New procedures are in place for response actions to the New Horizons explosive gas alarm and low oxygen alarm.

For a safe working environment, it is essential that all building occupants are aware of and follow the correct response to these alarms.

All current building occupants must complete the Gas Alarm training here.

If you are new to the building, this training is included in your Tier 1 Induction.

CSIRO occupants will be advised of the required training procedures from your Safety representatives.