Dr. Tuncay Alan

Dr. Tuncay Alan

Senior Lecturer
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Room 210, 20 Research Way (Building 82), Clayton Campus

My work focuses on the broad area of microelectromechanical systems, and can be grouped under two main streams: 1) nanomechanical sensors for implantable/wearable devices, and, 2) micro-scale fluid and particle handling systems for delivery, sorting and characterization of biological samples. Central to both streams are precise nanofabrication procedures, and device development, which I combine with experimentation, acoustics, and more recently synchrotron based X-ray spectroscopy.



  • Bachelor of Science, (BSc), Civil Engineering., Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara Turkey
  • Ph.D, (Theoretical and Applied Mechanics), Cornell University, Ithaca NY USA


Micro electro mechanical sensors

Professional Association

Materials Research Society, ASME.

Research Projects

Current projects

Microelectronic 3D Imaging and Neuromorphic recognition for Autonomous UAVs

Past projects

Micro/Nanofluidic Characterisation Facility

Microfluidics promises to enable diagnosis of medical diseases using devices which perform laboratory experiments but on a scale which means the entire system can be hand-held. Whilst the fabrication of miniaturized fluidic channels is well established, the challenge is to bring additional functions onto the chip reducing the reliance on external pumps and electronics. This facility will allow the characterization of technologies which address on-chip sample preparation using pulsed ultrasonic waves, filtration and pumping using nanofluidic structures, and detection using on-chip circuitry. As such the facility will have the capability to directly address the challenges which must be met to allow diagnosis in rural underprivileged areas.

Selected Publications

  1. Nguyen Hoai An Le , Hoang Van Phan , Jiaqi Yu , Hak-Kim Chan , Adrian Neild, Tuncay Alan . Acoustically enhanced microfluidic mixer to synthesize highly uniform nanodrugs without the addition of stabilizers. International Journal of Nanomedicine. In press 2018
  2. MB Coskun, L Qiu, MS Arefin, A Neild, M Yuce, D Li, T Alan, Detecting subtle vibrations using graphene-based cellular elastomers ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (13), 11345-11349 (2017).
  3. M Bulut Coskun, Abozar Akbari, Daniel Lai, Adrian Neild, Mainak Majumder, Tuncay Alan, Ultrasensitive Strain Sensor Produced by Direct Patterning of Liquid Crystals of Graphene Oxide on a Flexible Substrate, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8 (34), 2250122505 (2016).  
  4. Ling Qiu, M. Bulut Coskun, Yue Tang, Zhe Liu, Tuncay Alan, Jie Ding, Van-Tan Truong, Dan Li, Ultra-fast dynamic piezoresistive response of graphene-based cellular elastomers, Advanced Materials, 10.1002/adma.201503957  (2016).
  5. Hoang V Phan, M Bulut Coşkun, Muhsincan Şeşen, Gregory Pandraud, Adrian Neild, Tuncay Alan, Vibrating membrane with discontinuities for rapid and efficient mixing, Lab on a Chip 15 (21), 4206-4216 (2015).
  6. Ganaka G Chandrakumara, Jin Shang, Ling Qiu, Xi-Ya Fang, Frank Antolasic, Christopher D Easton, Jingchao Song, Tuncay Alan, Dan Li, Jefferson Zhe Liu, Tuning the oxygen functional groups in reduced graphene oxide papers to enhance the electromechanical actuation, 5, 83, 68052-68060 (2015).
  7. Nin Sivanantha, Charles Ma, David Collins, Muhsincan Sesen, Jason Brenker, Ross Coppel, Adrian Neild, Tuncay Alan, Characterization of adhesive properties of red blood cells using surface acoustic wave induced flows for rapid diagnostics, Applied Physics Letters, 105, 103704 (2014).
  8. Bulut Coskun, Kasun Thotahewa, York Ying, Mehmet Yuce, Adrian Neild, Tuncay Alan,  Nanoscale displacement sensing using microfabricated variable inductance planar coils, Applied Physics Letters 103, 143501 (2013).
  9. Alan, A. T. Zehnder, et al. (2006). “Methyl monolayers improve the fracture strength and durability of silicon nanobeams.” Applied Physics Letters 89(23): 231905.
  10. Aubin, M. Zalalutdinov, T. Alan, R.B. Reichenbach, R. Rand, A. Zehnder, J. Parpia, H. Craighead (2004). “Limit cycle oscillations in CW laser-driven NEMS.” Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 13(6): 1018-1026.



Nguyen Hoai An Le

Jason Brenker

Ninnuja Sivanantha

Muhsincan Sesen
2012 to 2016

Citsabehsan Devandran
2011 to 2016

Mustafa Bulut Coskun
2012 to 2015

David Collins
2011 to 2015

Teaching Commitments

  • TRC4000 - Mechatronics Final Year Project 1.
  • TRC4001 - Mechatronics Final Year Project 2.
  • MEC4425 - Micro/nano solid and fluid mechanics.
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