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Open Day


Saturday 5 August
10am – 3pm

Caulfield and Clayton

Sunday 6 August
10am – 4pm


Sunday 20 August
10am – 3pm

Business Open House

Sunday 13 August, 11am – 3pm

Visit our city location at 271 Collins Street, Melbourne, for another opportunity to chat to staff about business courses. Find out more.

The freedom to tailor your studies

We see each student as an individual, and our course structures reflect that. So if you come to us with a specific career in mind, we'll help you specialise your degree to help you work towards it. And if you're still figuring it all out, you can start by studying the subjects that interest you, and decide on a major later.

You'll become a global citizen

With international campuses, partner universities, and exchange agreements with more than 100 universities around the world, you'll be given the resources and opportunities to take your studies abroad. At Monash, we believe these experiences can be some of the most valuable, so we also help students fund their trips with travel scholarships and interest-free loans.

You'll graduate with everything you need to start an incredible career

It's not an accident that Monash graduates are favoured by some of the world's top CEOs. We've carefully crafted our courses to make you more employable - by building secondary skills (like communication and analysis) into your university experience. So when you leave us, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

You can combine what you love with a double degree

We know that your career ambition and your passions may not always line up. So we've made it easy to spend your time at university exploring both with a double degree.

You'll have access to one of Australia's most generous scholarship programs

Monash offers a large number of scholarships to support academic excellence and disadvantaged students - and most of these will cover the entire degree. The Monash Guarantee and Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) are also available to help eligible students get into and succeed at Monash.

Arthavan Srithar

Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Hons)

"Open Day is a great way to see what Monash has to offer and to speak with current students attending the university."

Talk to Arthavan about life at Monash and being involved in extra-curricular activities. (Arthavan is the captain of the Monash University Men’s Badminton Team.)

Rachel Lucy Howard

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

"I love that Monash has so much greenery! There’s a small pond with outdoor lounge chairs hidden in-between the physiology laboratories. I love going there in-between classes."

Look out for Rachel on Open Day and ask her all your questions about uni life.

What's on

and how to get here

Peninsula campus

Saturday 5 August

Clayton campus

Sunday 6 August

Caulfield campus

Sunday 6 August

Parkville campus

Sunday 20 August

Peninsula campus

Address: 47 - 49 Moorooduc Hwy, Frankston VIC 3199
  1. Train: Take the Frankston line to Frankston Station.
  2. Bus: Catch our complimentary Open Day shuttle bus which will take you straight to Peninsula campus or catch any of the public buses 775, 776, 782 or 783.
  3. Parking: Free parking is available on campus if you choose to drive.

Clayton campus

Address: Wellington Road, Clayton VIC 3800
  1. Train: Take the Dandenong, Pakenham or Cranbourne lines to Huntingdale Station and catch our free Huntingdale to Clayton campus bus from there.
  2. Bus: Routes 601, 630, 631, 691, 703, 733, 737, 742, 800, 802, 804, 862 and 900 stop at the campus. We also have a free Monash bus running between our Clayton and Caulfield campuses all day.
  3. Parking: Free parking is available in the car parks located in the South-East and North of the campus and also at the car park on the Corner of Wellington and Blackburn Rd.

Caulfield campus

Address: 900 Dandenong Road, Caulfield East VIC 3145
  1. Train: Take the Cranbourne, Dandenong, Frankston or Pakenham lines to Caulfield Station. The campus is right across the road.
  2. Tram: The number 3 (East Malvern) tram from Swanston Street in Melbourne will also take you to Caulfield Station (the stop number is 57).
  3. Bus: Both routes 624 and 900 stop at Caulfield Station. We also have a free Monash bus running between our Clayton and Caulfield campuses all day.
  4. Parking: Limited free parking is available at the campus multi level car park if you choose to drive.

Parkville campus

Address: 381 Royal Parade, Parkville VIC 3052
  1. Train: Catch the Upfield line to Royal Park Station and walk through the park from there.
  2. Tram: Take the number 19 (North Coburg) tram, which travels along Elizabeth Street, Royal Parade and Sydney Road. The trip from Melbourne takes about 15 minutes (the stop number is 16).
  3. Parking: Parking is available in the streets surrounding the campus.  Please note this is public parking and subject to council fees and restrictions.

Did you know?

Fast facts about Monash

Monash offers the largest range of courses in Australia.

In 2016, 4166 of our students studied abroad as part of their degree.


Monash is in the top 1% of universities worldwide.

More than 10,000 of our students choose flexible study options (including online learning) for all or part of their course.

With a double degree, you can study towards two degrees at the same time.

Open Day Faqs

What’s Open Day?

Open Day is your first glimpse into university life. You'll discover what it's like to be a Monash student, attend information sessions and demonstrations, and soak up the Monash atmosphere. Bring your family and friends and enjoy all the campus has to offer.

There are lots of activities and events to get involved in, and you’ll also find:

  • Current students who can answer your questions about studying at Monash
  • Academics and staff who can answer in-depth questions about courses, study areas and careers
  • Researchers sharing their most innovative and interesting research projects
  • Student Services staff who can help with everything from enrolment to graduation
  • Information about life on campus, accommodation, sports, clubs and support services
  • Tours, food stalls and much more.

Do I have to come for the whole day?

Not at all. You can come to as many Monash Open Days as you want, stay for as long as you like, and get involved wherever you’re interested.

We have three Monash Open Days – Saturday 5 August at our Peninsula campus, Sunday 6 August at the Caulfield and Clayton campuses and Sunday 20 August at our Parkville campus.

The Parkville and Peninsula Open Days will run between 10am and 3pm – and at the Caulfield and Clayton campuses from 10am and 4pm.

Should I come to Open Day if I’m a graduate or returning to study?

Absolutely. You’ll find lots of events and information tailored to graduates and mature age students – alongside those for our Year 11 and 12 visitors. You might also be interested in other events we hold throughout the year for graduates and mature age students.

Can I bring family and friends to Open Day?

Yes! Bring anyone you’d like to involve in your study journey.

How do I get to the campus?

There are lots of different ways to get our campuses (you’ll find details in the ‘What’s on’ section above). We’ll also be running free shuttle buses between the Caulfield and Clayton campuses, Huntingdale station and Clayton campus, and between Frankston station and Peninsula campus.

Should I go to Monash Open Day at more than one campus?

You don’t have to, but it’ll be easy to get between them on the day if you’d like to attend activities at different campuses. It’s a good idea to use the planner to make sure you’ve seen everything you want at one campus before you move on to the next.

Is there free car parking on campus?

Yes, parking at most of our campuses is free on Open Day.

Do I have to use the online planner?

No, you can organise your visit however you like. Just remember, there are more than 550 activities going on around Monash on Open Day, so you might like to prepare your visit and print off your plan.

There’ll also be Monash Open Day programs with information on where each study area and support service is located available on the day, if you’d prefer not to plan everything out before you come.

Can I change my plan?

Sure, just log back into the online planner using your name and email address and then you can make as many changes as you’d like.

What are some good questions to ask at Open Day?

It’s a good idea to have a list of questions with you, to make sure you get all the information you need. As well as asking about courses, you might be interested to know:

  • How does Monash help me get a job when I finish studying?
  • What's the benefit of a double degree?
  • Can I travel and study at the same time?
  • Are there leadership programs I can get involved with?
  • What are my accommodation options?
  • How much does university accommodation cost?
  • What scholarships and support are offered? Do I qualify?
  • What sports and other facilities does the university have? Are these free to use?
  • What student clubs could I join?
  • What are the deadlines for applications? Are there other dates I need to remember?
  • Have I completed the right VCE/IB (or other study) subjects for the course I want to do?
  • I'm an international student. How will my experience differ from a domestic student? Is there a different application process?
  • What are the fees for international students?
  • Are international students eligible for any scholarships or financial aid?
  • Are international students guaranteed university accommodation?
  • What tailored support services are available for international students?

Are all faculties at all Open Days?

All faculties will be represented at the Clayton campus. You’ll find most faculties at most of the Open Days, but each campus will generally promote the courses they offer. It’s best to visit the campus where you’ll be studying – you can figure out which one is right for you by looking up your preferred courses.

What should I do when I get to the campus?

If you don’t have a printed copy of the program, the first thing to do is grab a hard copy – so you know everything is. Then start looking for our friendly staff and student ambassadors to help point you in the right direction (they’ll be out and about in blue Monash jackets).

Can I go to activities or presentations if I haven’t planned my day online?

Yes! It’s best to plan ahead so you know what’s happening and don’t miss key events, but you don’t have to.

Can I wander around the student facilities?

Absolutely. Open Day is all about discovering what life at Monash is like – so you can explore everything from the library and lecture theatres, to our cafes, gyms and accommodation services.

Is there anywhere to eat on campus?

On Open Day, there’s lots of free food and drinks on offer for visitors. And all our campuses have lots of other cafes and food options too.

How can I help my child get the most out of Open Day?

We’ll have more than 550 activities going on across our campuses, so encouraging your child to plan ahead with the online planner is recommended.

Should I come?

Yes, definitely. This is a time when students will need advice and help making the right decisions for their future, and a lot of them will turn to their families for that. And if they’d like to explore on their own for a while, there are plenty of cafes for you to enjoy.

How can I help my son or daughter find the right course?

This can be a really difficult time for students, as they try to navigate the huge range of courses available to them. To help them figure out what the best path might be, try asking them some open-ended questions that will encourage them to think about their passions, strengths and goals:

  • "What do you love doing most?"
  • "What are you best at?"
  • "Which careers appeal to you?"
  • "What would you like to achieve by the time you're 30?"
  • "Do you know what's on offer? It's not just about courses – what about study abroad opportunities, leadership programs, and recreational activities."
  • "Have you completed, or are you completing, the right prerequisite subjects?"

From there, you can make a shortlist together, and decide on some back up options in case your child doesn’t get into their first course or university preference. Monash Open Day is a great place to ask questions about career paths, courses and pathways.

Remember, while this is an important decision, many people change their career paths a number of times throughout their life. That’s why at Monash we equip our students with general skills like communication, negotiation and leadership, as well as academic ones.

We have developed a glossary to assist you in understanding key terms.

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