Our services

  • CRISPR mutagenesis

    CRISPR technology enables the production of a number of mutations not previously possible using conventional gene targeting.  We can generate knock-out, knock-in, point-mutated and tagged versions of your gene of interest in not only mice but a wide variety of both human and mouse cell lines.  We also generate null mutations in rats.

  • Gene targeting in mouse embryonic stem cells

    We make genetic modifications in mice using classical gene targeting strategies in embryonic stem cells. This involves the production of chimaeras for obtaining germ line transmission of the genetic modification.

  • Production of transgenic mice, rats and other species

    We make transgenic mice, rats and other species by injecting fertilized eggs with DNA for random integration into the genome. Applications include BAC transgenesis for faithful gene expression, and smaller plasmid constructs for various purposes.

  • DNA construct design and production

    We can design and make your construct for CRISPR mutagenesis, gene targeting in ES cells or transgenic animal production. With our BAC recombineering expertise, there is no limit to the type and range of constructs we can make — quickly and cost effectively.

  • Other capabilities

    Cryopreservation of genetically modified lines can be arranged through the Australian Phenomics Facility