Data Dictionary Working Group

The Helix Steering Committee appointed the Research Data Dictionary Working Group to develop guidelines for data dictionary practice in health research at Monash University. Its purpose was to:

1. Collate best-practices in data dictionary development and maintenance

2. Provide recommendations for:

  • The characteristics to be described in a Research Data Dictionary
  • A suitable template for Research Data Dictionaries
  • A standardised list of Data Elements that can be the core/ spine of most datasets
  • Any other area related to Research Data Dictionaries as set out by the Helix Steering Committee

3. Influence the Monash research community in their use of data dictionaries

  • For new research projects, the template and standardised list would serve as a starting point and guide to best practice
  • For ongoing research projects, it could be used if they are evaluating or looking to improve their current processes around their data dictionary.