Qualtrics Plus

Qualtrics Plus

Monash University has licensed two instances of Qualtrics, a commercial online survey tool. Qualtrics Plus is an instance that stores its data in Australia, is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – USA) compliant with Helix providing an extra level of oversight and support for researchers using the platform. A capability statement that describes what the service offers and how it can be used appropriately for research is available here.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Sophisticated online survey design tool
  • Distribution options available including SMS
  • Access for collaborators
  • Fast and flexible to design
  • Supports data extract
  • Support and training available to use platform securely

Is Qualtrics or Qualtrics Plus right for you?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions below, then Qualtrics Plus is probably for you. Otherwise, Monash’s other instance of Qualtrics is available here.

  • Are you using Qualtrics for research purposes and are a Monash researcher in Australia (including higher degree students)?
  • Do you need your data to be held in Australia?
  • Do you want to ensure two factor authentication protects your data while it is on Qualtrics?
  • Do you prefer a managed service to provide assistance in backup of your respondents’ data, turning off meta-data, keeping track of your project and project access?

User Charges

Qualtrics Plus is provided as a university-licensed service to enable researchers to create their own online surveys.

Any SMS or distribution charges will be passed on directly to the researchers.

Terms of Use

Qualtrics Plus is only available to Australian Monash researchers and higher degree students.  Principal Investigator (PI) must be Monash Australia staff or higher degree student. HREC approval prior to the launch of the survey will be required unless an exemption has been granted.

Back up of the survey responses will be the responsibility of the researcher.

Access and Log In

  • To request a Qualtrics Plus project, please fill out the form here
  • Log in through here.

General Help and Support

  • Qualtrics’ ‘On demand training’ is available here.
  • Getting Started Documentation is available here.

Qualtrics Plus support

Additional Qualtrics services provided by Helix:

  • Automatic data export development from Qualtrics to Monash’s storage
  • Advice on security and privacy design