Data Linkage Working Group

The Data Linkage Working Group has been established to assess current data linkage practices at Monash University and develop training, guidelines and recommendations to accelerate the ability of research projects to undertake data linkage. Its purpose is to:

1. Share experience and knowledge in data linkage, enabling the development of training material and education opportunities for researchers.

2. Provide recommendations for best practice in:

  • Ethics Approval (in conjunction with MRO & HRECs)
  • Formal Agreements (in conjunction with DPPO)
  • Developing data dictionaries that facilitate data linkage (in conjunction with Data Dictionary Working Group)
  • Data security and management
  • Training in analysis of linked data sets
  • Matching criteria/ processes
  • ETL process when linking data
  • Coordinating access to datasets across the university to obtain the most efficient outcome
  • Writing data linkage into grants and project planning
  • Any other area related to Data Linkage as set out by the Helix Steering Committee

3. Encourage data linkage within the research community through publicising opportunities to link data, providing advice and facilitating data sharing agreements with data providers.