About us

The HMSTrust Laboratory is an open access pharmaceutical research platform ​located at Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) in the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct, Parkville. We offer sophisticated physical and chemical characterisation techniques to assist in overcoming the challenges of modern drug development. Clients can be trained to use our instrumentation or, alternatively, engage us to perform customised analytical services. Go to Working with us.

Our team has extensive experience in providing tailored, non-routine analytical solutions to support pharmaceutical research and development. The HMSTrust Analytical Laboratory, through MIPS, taps into some of Australia's leading drug development expertise. It uniquely combines the knowledge and resources of Australia's premier pharmaceutical research institute with the capacity to accommodate academic and commercial research and drug development projects from within and outside of Monash University.

This laboratory is a not-for-profit facility and our fees are set to create an affordable pathway for the development of new pharmaceutical and diagnostic products. At the same time we strive to provide exceptional training to the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists.​

The foundation of the HMSTrust Laboratory was made possible through a generous grant of $1.2 million from the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, along with funds provided by Monash University and in-kind support from our equipment partners Shimadzu and PerkinElmer.

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