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The HMSTrust Laboratory provides two modes of access, contracted fee for service or direct user access following personalised training. Our services are available not only to researchers allied to Monash University but also to other institutions as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Please contact us to discuss which mode suits your requirements.

Contracted services

Using our extensive array of instrumentation and expertise, the HMSTrust Analytical Laboratory is able to provide tailored solutions for industry and research institutions. We can provide help troubleshooting your analytical methodology for a new pharmaceutical or diagnostic product, or assist you to develop and validate a new analytical method.

We specialise in undertaking non-routine physical and chemical characterisation studies, including:

  • early stage, pre-clinical drug development studies
  • assays of biological samples for measuring novel drug concentrations and API
  • stability studies under ICH ambient and accelerated conditions
  • polymorphic studies — identification and confirmation of crystal form
  • impurity profiling — identification of process impurities and related substances in drugs
  • identification of product contaminants arising from pharmaceutical manufacturing processes

We are a non-GMP, not for profit Laboratory and are therefore able to provide competitively priced services.

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Contracted services

Direct instrument access

Researchers from within and outside of Monash University, through the HMSTrust Analytical Laboratory, have direct access to a comprehensive suite of physical and chemical characterisation techniques. This mode of access is ideally suited to researchers who are able to invest the necessary time in building their expertise, or researchers already competent in using the techniques.

Our instrumentation includes both physical and chemical characterisation techniques including:

  • GC-FID and GCMS
  • XRD
  • DSC
  • TGA
  • FTIR Microscopy and Spectroscopy
  • Raman Microscopy

One-on-one training is provided and our fees have been set to create a flexible and affordable pathway for post graduate students and Victorian researchers.

Contact us​​ or request access via our booking system iLab.

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Direct instrument access