We build aspirations, provide guidance and support, strengthening opportunities for under-represented students to ensure equitable access, inclusion and success.

The Access, Inclusion and Success team works to improve opportunities and foster success for all students.

We know that sometimes, talent is masked by circumstances. We understand that the gap between those who attend university and those who don't is often not about capability, but about opportunity.

Our team enables secondary students from low SES backgrounds and regional and remote locations to change their educational outcomes and transform their lives.

Our team connects new students to their peers to foster connection and belonging through our Peer Mentoring Programs and PASS study sessions.

Students in their final year have the opportunity to connect with and learn from our inspirational Monash alumni.

The Access Monash team leads the University's broad strategy to improve opportunities and foster success for students from under-represented backgrounds.

We work with partner schools to deliver outreach activities in-school and on-campus at Monash. Our aim is to engage students with higher education by showing them the possibilities that university offers and guiding them as they plan their futures.

We offer a range of entry schemes, pathways, and scholarships to deliver equitable opportunities.

At Monash, we recognise, support and provide opportunities for students regardless of their means and backgrounds. We seek to educate the brightest minds, and to build a diverse and connected University community.

We're committed to maximising the success of our students. In a student’s first year at Monash, they can connect with a fellow Monash student in our mentoring programs. This helps our new students feel connected to the Monash community and gain valuable advice from a student perspective.

From their second year, students are able to be part of the mentor team, learning valuable leadership and communication skills.

We also deliver student-led academic skills support. Students can learn directly from students and review content from their unit in an environment that boosts their confidence about studying at a university-level and improves their sense of connection with the Monash community.

The Monash experience is rich with opportunities for students to build their employability while studying - through mentoring, volunteering, leadership programs, industry training, research experiences and on-campus jobs. Our goal is for our students to graduate equipped for their future careers and to create impact in our world.

Our new Widening Participation Commitment will be ready in 2023 with our new strategic goals and our plans to keep supporting our students.


Empowering future leaders

Thanks to your generosity, Monash has increased the number of scholarships available in the largest and most valuable equity scholarships program in Australia.

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