Arts Governance and Policy - Covid-19

Arts Governance and Policy for Covid-19

The COVID-19 crisis has necessitated rapid and flexible policy responses. Now is the time to develop policies that reflect the kind of society we want Australia to be. We ask experts from Monash’s Faculty of Arts to share their policy insights and offer their unique perspectives on the social repercussions of COVID-19 and what our future could look like.

Policy Insights from the Faculty of Arts

Public policy can, and should, respond to the many ways this crisis has and will continue to impact on individuals, families, communities and nations. Humanities researchers have much to offer the policymakers charged with ensuring that no-one is left behind, as we move towards the ‘new normal’.

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New research-based policy insights will be added to this collection as the crisis continues to evolve.

Be sure to check back in to keep up on new developments and follow the conversation on Twitter at @MonashPolicy and using #ArtsRespondToCOVID19. If this sparks your interest in the power of good policy and research, take a look at the Monash Master of Public Policy.

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