Arts Policy Insights

The COVID-19 pandemic has, at times, been discussed in narrow terms. Given the magnitude of the crisis, commentators can tend to focus solely upon the health and economic implications, noting the steep rise in the number of cases, or the steep drop in stock market value.  Ultimately, though, the pandemic is a human issue affecting every facet of our lives. Public policy can, and should, respond to the many ways this crisis has and will continue to impact on individuals, families, communities and nations. Humanities researchers have much to offer the policy makers charged with ensuring that no-one is left behind, as we move towards the ‘new normal’.

Drawing on their diverse expertise, Monash researchers in the Faculty of Arts are engaging with the wider implications of this once-in-a-generation event. They bring important insights to live issues affecting individuals and communities globally such as isolation and connection; family violence; regulation, surveillance and freedom; and political communication. Here, the Faculty presents a range of ‘snapshots’ custom-made to get right to the heart of the complex human policy challenges we are facing.

- Sharon Pickering.