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New mobile app to boost role of women in peace processes

A mobile app has been launched to help embed women’s rights in peace negotiations in the Arab world and beyond. Researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh and Monash in Australia and InclusivePeace in Geneva, have developed the data and technology to provide vital information on gender issues for those mediating peace processes. UN Women supported the team on the development of the app – the body within the United Nations that globally champions gender equality, and the idea that all parts of an affected society should be included in its peace process.

2 July 2020

PeaceFem App

Monash University news

PeaceFem is a mobile phone app that illustrates women’s inclusion in peace processes around the world. PeaceFem provides information about strategies women’s rights advocates have used to influence peace agreements, information about the enabling and constraining factors that shaped the space for influence, and the gender provisions in the peace agreements that resulted and information as to how well they were implemented.

1 July 2020

Insecurity, gender and violent extremism in the era of Covid-19

Feminist security scholars argue that social security – or, human security – is inextricably related to, and essential for creating safe, secure and peaceful societies, that are resilient against extremism(s). During the Covid-19 pandemic, social security has become the overarching security discourse, with a renewed emphasis on how healthcare, employment, housing, access to food and public services, are issues that have tangible effects on an individual and a family’s security, or insecurity.

25 June 2020

Consequences of the Pandemic on Conflicts in Asia: Challenges and Recommendations

The intersection of Covid-19 and conflict in Asia is likely to compound the difficulties in effectively responding to the pandemic as well as increase the likelihood of the escalation or recurrence of armed conflict. There are, however, a number of measures that can be taken to help avoid this outcome.

24 June 2020
Monash University news

Open Access Articles: Gender and Foreign Policy

The special issue on gender and foreign policy, edited by Professor Karin Aggestam and Professor Jacqui True in Foreign Policy Analysis (Volume 16, Issue 2), is open access until 10 July 2020.

22 June 2020
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