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What Indonesia’s stint on the UN Security Council means for peace-building in the Indo-Pacific region

Recently, Indonesian diplomacy in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) achieved a milestone, and reflected the nation’s increasing contribution to peacekeeping on the global stage.

7 September 2020

Post-Conflict Gender-Responsive Security Sector Reform: Risk Versus Opportunities

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Given that effective security and justice sector institutions are fundamental to sustainable peace, Security Sector Reform (SSR) – the reform or (re)construction of security and justice sector institutions – remains central to peacebuilding endeavors.

2 September 2020

Indonesia’s UN Security Council drive for inclusive peace and security

Jakarta is seeking to boost its regional leadership taking up the issue of women’s roles in peacebuilding.

2 September 2020

The Istanbul Convention as a Response to Violence: Voices of a Young Generation

On 20 July 2020, Monash University’s Gender Peace & Security Centre hosted a seminar on Niemi, Peroni & Stoyanova (eds), 'International Law and Violence against Women: Europe and the Istanbul Convention', Routledge (2020). This posting is a summary of this seminar.

14 August 2020
Monash University news

New mobile app to boost role of women in peace processes

A mobile app has been launched to help embed women’s rights in peace negotiations in the Arab world and beyond. Researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh and Monash in Australia and InclusivePeace in Geneva, have developed the data and technology to provide vital information on gender issues for those mediating peace processes. UN Women supported the team on the development of the app – the body within the United Nations that globally champions gender equality, and the idea that all parts of an affected society should be included in its peace process.

2 July 2020
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