Geo-Political Security: Toward Global Responsibility for Afghanistan

Geo-Political Security:
Toward Global Responsibility for Afghanistan

Monash University's Faculty of Arts through the Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre, the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music and Performance, and the student-led Monash International Affairs Society have established partnerships with organisations in Afghanistan seeking to promote education of young people, inclusive peace, women's rights, human rights - particularly, rights to education, freedom of speech and freedom of musical expression.

Debate series

Toward Global Responsibility for Afghanistan series

Debate 2 - 2 March 2022
"In light of the current crisis in Afghanistan, the international community should provide humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people."

Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT) partners with Australia’s Monash Gender, Peace, and Security Centre (Monash GPS) and Monash International Affairs Society (MIAS) to organise a series of debates on the role of women, human rights and gender equality issues in Afghanistan.

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Find out more about current activities and engagements with Afghanistan and Afghans at Monash demonstrating the global responsibility of the university in the international community to ensure human rights and education for all.

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