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Our vision is to provide research evidence to support the integration of gender perspectives in peace and security policies in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and globally.

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Mapping the cost of the pandemic to women in the Indo-Pacific

A new survey is a wake-up call for governments and organisations to direct urgent funding to women’s peace and security.

3 June 2020

Coronavirus crisis compounds efforts to reach and protect vulnerable women and children

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Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre (GPS) has just completed the first comprehensive review of the impacts of COVID-19 on women, peace and security agencies (WPS) and their workers across the Indo-Pacific.

29 May 2020

Emergency aid amid Covid-19: Falling trust and rising obstacles

In the face of the pandemic, humanitarian operations are facing extreme challenges. The past holds a few lessons.

28 May 2020

New Research: Mapping the Impact of COVID-19 on WPS Practitioners in the Indo-Pacific Region

You can now read our latest research brief, Mapping the Impact of COVID-19 on Women, Peace and Security Practitioners in the Indo-Pacific Region, here on our website.

25 May 2020
Monash University news

The COVID lockdown threat to children's security in developing nations

Children and youth have largely been spared the direct health effects of the COVID-19, but that obscures a huge part of the story. Mitigation measures as the pandemic rages push children into vulnerable positions that put them at risk of becoming seriously impacted.

19 May 2020
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