Health and Biofutures

Health and Biofutures

We are social researchers engaging with the scientific, technological and socio-political transformations of human health and the production of human life. Our projects build on contemporary currents in academic and applied research to address major public policy questions and challenges in Australia and internationally.

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ARC funding success

Congratulations to Dr John Gardner who has been awarded a DECRA and to Professor Andrea Whittaker, Dr Narelle Warren and A/Professor Mark Davis who have all led international teams to Discovery Project success in the 2019 funding season. Many thanks to the ARC for continued support for our research and engagement activity. Details of the ARC awards can be found here.

Organising Technoscientific Capitalism

4S true

Open panel session at 4S Annual Conference, New Orleans

Health & Biofutures scholar John Gardner co-organised the panel ‘Organizing technoscientific capitalism: Epistemic values, practices & assets’ with Jane Vedel (Copenhagen Business School) and Kean Birch (York University) at the recent 4S Annual Conference in New Orleans.

New Reproductive Technology and Global Assemblage

In May 2019, Professor Andrea Whittaker will present on 'Mobility, Reproduction and Transvaluation in International Surrogacy in South Eastern Asia' at New Reproductive Technology and Global Assemblage: Comparative Perspectives, Global Asia Research Center (GARC), College of Social Science, National Taiwan University.

International Surrogacy as Disruptive Industry in Southeast Asia

Professor Lenore Manderson launches Andrea Whittaker's new book at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Friday 16 November, 2018.

Antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance

Associate Professor Mark Davis sits down with the School of Media, Film and Journalism to discuss a new ARC Discovery Project on antimicrobial resistance. Associate Professor Davis leads an international team researching publics, media and communications on antibiotic resistance.

1 January 2019
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