ARC Fellowships

A new understanding of responsibility in the ethics of human reproduction (FT120100026)

Catherine Mills

Future Fellowship

Borders, babies and biotechnologies: cross-border reproductive travel in Asia and Australia (FT110100054)

Andrea Whittaker

Future Fellowship

ARC Discovery Projects

High hopes, high risk?: a sociological study of stem cell tourism (DP120100921)

Alan Petersen; Steven Wainwright (Brunel University)

Legal and ethical issues in the inheritable genetic modification of humans (DP170100919)

Catherine Mills;  Karinne Ludlow; Robert Sparrow; Narelle Warren

Expectations in Healthcare Testing: A Sociological Study (DP170100504)

Alan Petersen; Diana Bowman (Arizona State University); Kiran Pienaar

A Sociological Study of Patient’s Use of Digital Media (DP170100402)

Alan Petersen; Alison Anderson (University of Plymouth); Timothy Caulfield (University of Alberta); Allegra Schermuly

Ultrasound, Embodiment and Abortion: An analysis of foetal images and the ethics of selective termination of pregnancy (DP110100752)

Catherine Mills and Niamh Stephenson, UNSW

Antimicrobial Resistance: Science, Communication and Public Engagements (DP170100937)

Mark Davis; Andrea Whittaker; Davina Lohm; Ben Lyall; Mia Lindgren; Monika Djerf-Pierre (University of Gothenberg); Paul Flowers (University of Glasgow)

Medical travel in Asia: Therapeutic quests for hearts and hips (DP1094895)

Andrea Whittaker; Chee Heng Leng (National University of Singapore)

​Improving Australia’s response to childhood obesity: Prevention education and its impact on mothers and families

Alan Petersen; Suzanne Fraser (Curtin University); JaneMaree Maher; Janice Wright (University of Wollongong)


ARC Linkage Projects

Navigating an uncertain antimicrobial future: A sociological study (LP170100300)

Mark Davis; Alex Broom (Lead, UNSW), Emma Kirby (UNSW), Susan Dodds (UNSW);  Jennifer Broom (PI); Jeffrey Post (PI)

Living positive in Queensland: A qualitative longitudinal study of aging, place and social isolation (LP110200318)

Andrea Whittaker; Lisa Fitzgerald (University of Queensland); Andrew Vallely (UNSW); Shaun Staunton(PI); Steve Lambert (PI)

Contraceptive technologies and reproductive choice among immigrant women

Andrea Whittaker; Lenore Manderson, University of the Witwatersrand; The Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health; The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health; FP NSW

Inter-Faculty Projects

Fatherhood aspirations, expectations, and outcomes: an interdisciplinary investigation (Faculty of Arts/Faculty of Medicine Interdisciplinary Research Grant)

Catherine Mills; Karin Hammarberg (Medicine); Sara Holton (Medicine)

Co-designing an online resource for health and wellness travellers (Monash Arts–Medicine interdisciplinary grant, and Faculty of IT seeding grant)

Alan Petersen; Frada Burstein (IT); Julie Fisher (IT); Kate Seear (Law)

Unintended consequences: the publics and open access research literature (Monash Arts­­­­–Medicine and Interdisciplinary seeding grants)

Alan Petersen; Rachel Nowak (Brain Dialogue, Medicine); Elizabeth Paton (Brain Dialogue, Medicine)

Antimicrobial stewardship within diverse communities: inclusive clinical and community interventions (Monash Provost Interdisciplinary research grant)

Andrea Whittaker; Mark Davis; Allen Cheng (Medicine); Michael Dooley (Pharmacy); Chris Lemoh (Dandenong Hospital)

Industry Projects

Delivering Behavioural Insights and developing research capacity to combat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Scotland

Health Protection Scotland

Mark Davis; Paul Flowers (Lead, Glasgow Caledonian University), Lesley Price (GCU), Darren Langdridge ( OU), Tim Chadborn (Public Health England), Kay Currie (GCU)

Ethical and Social Aspects of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

Sociology of Health and Illness Foundation Development Grant

Catherine Mills; Celia Roberts (Lancaster University); Havi Carel (Bristol University); Jackie Leach Scully (Newcastle University, UK)

Factors influencing the HIV testing to treatment trajectory within a Queensland context

HIV Foundation Queensland

Andrea Whittaker; Lisa Fitzpatrick (UQ), Joseph Debattista, Allyson Mutch, Chris Howard, Jimie Lemoire, Li Min Mao

A framework for assessing the social, economic and environmental impacts of new and emerging technologies

Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education

Alan Petesen; Ian Lowe; Susan Dodds