Public Seminar by Professor Tore Bjørgo

Tore Bjørgo is Professor of Police Science at the Norwegian Police University College and Adjunct Research Professor at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. He has authored and edited eleven books, including Terror from the Extreme Right (1995); Root Causes of Terrorism (2005); and Leaving Terrorism Behind (2009).

At this seminar Professor Bjørgo talked about his new book Strategies for Preventing Terrorism. This innovative new book aims to put society’s fight against terrorism into a comprehensive crime prevention perspective with a clear, understandable theoretical foundation, developing a general model for the prevention of crime which is, in this book, applied to terrorism.

Traditionally, both the police and other social and political agencies have tended to think of the prevention of terrorism and responses to terrorism as two separate tracks or activities. The holistic model presented in this book goes beyond this division by integrating criminal justice sanctions, harm reduction and several approaches to crime prevention into one unified model.

This model, which identifies nine key preventive mechanisms, provides a powerful tool for thinking systematically about how to reduce terrorism and other crime problems. It will appeal to scholars and students in criminology, terrorism and security studies and also to police officers and other practitioners.