Supervision for Higher Degree by Research


NameThesis Title / TopicSupervisor(s)
Derya Dilara AkgunerSecularism, Democracy and Identity Conflict in Turkey – The case of the Istanbul’s Urban Elite.Prof. Greg Barton / Assoc. Prof. Peter Lentini
Kamilia Al-ErianiFrom Islam to political contention: Islamic militancy in YemenDr Ben MacQueen / Prof. Greg Barton / Prof. Charles Schmitz
Waleed AlyA theory of causality for global terrorism through the application of structuration theoryAssoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Dr Michael Janover
Virginie AndreFraming separatist terrorism in Thailand, from 1960s-2006: Collision, collusion, convergenceAssoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Prof. Greg Barton
Kate BarrelleFrom terrorist to citizen: How people move on from violent extremismProf. James Walter / Dr Ben MacQueen / Prof. Greg Barton
Alex BurnsThe evolution of strategic culture in counter-terrorism studiesDr Ben MacQueen / Dr Andy Butfoy / Dr Luke Howie
Lara ElmaoulaIslamism: Political theory or political façade?Dr Ben MacQueen / Dr Remy Davison
Philip GregoryAustralian intelligence liaison – Communication, exchange and co-operation in Southeast Asia: A critical history of the development of the Australian intelligence community and an Australian intelligence culture.Assoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Dr Terry MacDonald
Alpha LisimbaPRC’s rising role in Africa: New resources politics in the ‘Dark Continent’?Dr Ben MacQueen / Dr Remy Davison
Usep MatinThe management and use of Hadis Collections: A comparative study between the Shi’ite and Sunnite Hadis CollectionsDr Julian Millie / Prof. Greg Barton / Dr Irfan Ahmad
Bruce McFarlaneUnderstanding the radicalization process – How online communications systems and literature affect this process and how to manage itProf. Greg Barton / Assoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Dr Simon Moss
Ela OgruCitizenship and identity: Young Africans in AustraliaAssoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Prof. Greg Barton
Allan OrrThe mythology of counter-insurgencyDr Andy Butfoy / Dr Ben MacQueen
Lachlan PenderThe Clausewitzian operation of strategic culture in the contemporary strategic environment: An examination of the operation of strategic culture in the Russian campaign of the Chechen conflictAssoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Dr Andy Butfoy
Alexandra Phelan‘Deradicalisation’: Areas of ‘success’, setbacks and what we can learn thus farDr Ben MacQueen / Assoc. Prof. Peter Lentini
Ahmet PolatIslamic philosophy and civic society activism: The differences between the secular schools associated with the Gulen Movement and Islamic schools in the secular statesProf. Greg Barton / Dr Salih Yucel
Cemen PolatThe Gulen Movement’s educational philanthropy: Schools as social business enterprisesProf. Greg Barton / Prof. Irfan Ahmad /
Dr Muhammed Cetin
David TittensorNew Islamic philanthropy and the vision of social development through self-development: A study of the Gulen Movement in Turkey (under examination)Prof. Greg Barton / Assoc. Prof. Peter Lentini
Cedomir VignjevicThe relationship of Serbia and Montenegro between 1992-2002Assoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Dr Dennis Woodward
Rachel WoodlockThe impact of religiosity on settlement and inclusion of Muslims in AustraliaProf. Greg Barton / Prof. Gary Bouma / Assoc. Prof. Peter Lentini
Mokhammad YahyaContemporary Indonesian Islamism: Genealogy of Islamist politics in IndonesiaDr Julian Millie / Prof. Greg Barton

Master by Research

NameThesis Title / TopicSupervisor(s)
Kuldeep KumarTribal insurgency and counterinsurgency in Tripura in the 21st Century: An Indian case study of police-led counterinsurgency initiatives (under examination)Assoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Dr Ben MacQueen
Tim StoneyThe rise of Jemaah Islamyiah in Southeast AsiaAssoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Dr Remy Davison


NameThesis Title / TopicSupervisor(s)LevelYear
Haroro IngramThe transformative charisma phenomenon in Islamist insurgent terrorism: Spiritual guides, charismatic leaders and neo-charismatic leaders: A synopsisAssoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Dr Ben MacQueenPhD2011
Tania RaffassImperial, federal, national statehood and the break-up of the USSRDr Michael Janover / Assoc. Prof. Peter LentiniPhD2009
Muhammad BakashmarGovernment control and the judiciary in MalaysiaAssoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Assoc. Prof. David Wright-NevillePhD2008
Joe IlardiFrom the IRA to al Qu’eda: Intelligence as a measure of rational action in terrorist operationsAssoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Assoc. Prof. David Wright-NevillePhD2007
Alex CaplesHabitus, globalisation and the shaping of Australian foreign policyAssoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Assoc. Prof. David Wright-NevillePhD2006
Armig ArslanianObstacles to peace: Israel, the Palestinians and the roadmap to peaceAssoc. Prof. Peter Lentini / Dr Shahram AkbarzadehMA2005
Emma BaulchMaking scenes: Reggae, punk and death metal in 1990s BaliAssoc. Prof. Peter LentiniPhD2003
Brook QuinnFaster, higher, stronger? Disability sport, the Paralympic Games and the politics of disabilityAssoc. Prof. Peter LentiniMA2002