Summary of the GTReC ARC Linkage Project on Radicalisation Conference 2010

Conference Details

Greg Barton, Pete Lentini, Simon Moss and Joe Ilardi

Global Terrorism Research Centre 
Monash University
First published in 2011


The editors wish to thank all those whose support contributed to the publication of these proceedings and the success of the conference. In particular, our sincere gratitude goes to our project partners the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria Police, the Australian Federal Police and Corrections Victoria for their on-going support and enthusiasm for this important project. Thanks also goes to our Project Manager, Ros King for overall conference management and the many staff who assisted – in preparatory work, during the event and in the publication of these proceedings – including Nel Halloran, Ela Ogru, Tommy Fung and the Arts Web Team.

Conference Papers

Following are the full, peer reviewed papers from the above conference. Responsibility for the content of each paper lies with its author(s). The author(s) also retain copyright over the text. Papers appear on the conference proceedings website by permission of the authors. Any paper may be downloaded for fair use under the Copyright Act (1954), its later amendments and other relevant legislation. All papers were peer reviewed for publication according to the requirements of the Australian Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR). Access to these electronic versions of the papers is free of charge. The papers are in pdf format.

Presenter biographies (PDF, 61kb)

ChapterTitle and author
1Waiting out the Islamist Winter: Creating an Effective Counter Narrative to “Jihad”
Christopher Heffelfinger
(US Military Academy, West Point)
2Prison Radicalisation – the devil is in the detail.
Dr. Gaetano Joe Ilardi
(PI on ARC LP, serving member of VicPol)
3Can the complex nature and determinants of radicalization be reduced to four simple psychosocial antecedents?
Dr Simon Moss
(CI on ARC LP, Psychology, Monash University)
4Becoming an Ex: the role of identity in disengagement and deradicalisation from violent extremism.
Kate Barrelle
(PhD candidate GTReC, Monash University)
5The pursuit of meaning: exploring the radical worldview of Islamist extremists in Victoria.
Rosleenda Ali
(PhD Candidate, Psychology, Monash University)
6Terrorism and Counter terrorism in East Africa
Dr Patrick Kimunguyi
(Research team member, ARC LP, Monash University)
7If they Know Who Put the Sugar it Means They Know EverythingтАЭ: Understanding Terrorist Activity Using Operation Pendennis Wiretap (Listening Device and Telephone Intercept) Transcripts
Dr Pete Lentini
(CI, ARC LP, Director GTReC Monash University)
8Who becomes a jihadist in Australia
Andrew Zammit
(Research team member, ARC LP, Monash university)
9A Social Network Analysis of the Melbourne Neojihadist Cell arrested in 2005 under Operation Pendennis
Shandon Harris-Hogan
(Research team member, ARC LP, Monash university)
10Online Violent Radicalisation (OVeR): Challenges Facing Law Enforcement Agencies and Policy Stakeholders
Bruce MacFarlane
(PhD candidate, Monash University)