Our Team and Contacts

Our Team and Contacts

Professor Jonathan Baell (Director)

Prof. Baell specialises in medicinal chemistry-led drug discovery with more than 25 years of experience in this field.

He has directed numerous 'hit-to-lead' and lead optimisation projects to their success, resulting in well over 100 patent applications, representing 40 granted patents on around 26 separate pharmaceutical inventions, most of which are alive and licensed to a variety of licencees on various disease areas, including cancer, autoimmunity and infectious diseases.

He has played key roles in a number of compound developments at various stages, from pre-clinical to clinical, including one in clinical trials for anxiolysis.

He has made successful collaborations and had excellent experiences with large international pharma, and been consulted widely for the Australian Biotechnology Industry.

He has been awarded the Biota Medal, a National Award for Excellence in Medicinal Chemistry, followed by the highly prestigious Adrien Albert Award, for Sustained Excellence in Medicinal Chemistry (by Royal Australian Chemical Institute), as well as the Monash University Research Award for the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, and the Scientific Achievement Award in Drug Discovery and Development (by the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics).

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Prof. Jonathan Baell (Director)
Tel +61 (3) 9903 9044

Dr. Leanne Hawkey (Facility Manager)
Tel +61 (3) 9903 9563