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Change of Preference Expo

It's your chance to ask the questions

Key dates


Wednesday 14 December, 3-7pm
Monash Caulfield campus

Domestic VCE students

Monday 12 December, 7am
Release of VCE results and ATAR

Tuesday 20 December, 12pm
Change of Preference closes

Wednesday 18 January, 2017
Release of round one course offers

International VCE students

Monday 12 December, 7am
Release of VCE results and ATAR

Tuesday 15 December, 4pm
Change of Preference closes 

Monday 19 December, 2pm
Release of international VCE early offers

For more information about key dates, please visit the VTAC website.

Why choose Monash?

    • 1. Freedom to tailor your studies

      We see each student as an individual, and our course structures reflect that. So if you come to us with a specific career in mind, we’ll help you specialise your degree to help you work towards it. And if you’re still figuring it all out, you can start by studying the subjects that interest you, and decide on a major later. 

    • 2. Become a global citizen

      With international campuses, partner universities, and exchange agreements with more than 100 universities around the world, you’ll be given the resources and opportunities to take your studies abroad. At Monash, we believe these experiences can be some of the most valuable, so we also help students fund their trips with travel scholarships and interest-free loans. 

    • 3. Graduate ready for an incredible career

      It’s not an accident that Monash graduates are favoured by some of the world’s top CEOs. We’ve carefully crafted our courses to make you more employable – by building secondary skills (like communications and analysis) into your university experience. So when you leave us, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. 

    • 4. Combine your interests with a double degree

      We know that your career ambition and your passions may not always line up. So we’ve made it easy to spend your time at university exploring both with a double degree. By using the electives in one course to study subjects from the other, you can have your double degree in just four years. 

    • 5. One of Australia's most generous scholarship programs

      Monash offers more than 200 scholarships to support academic excellence and disadvantaged students – and most of these will cover the entire degree. The Monash Guarantee and Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) are also available to help eligible students get into and succeed at Monash. 

    I have my results, what now?

    When the big day arrives, you’ll be feeling a mix of emotions about your results. No matter what your circumstance, we are here to help.

    Your student journey

    The 'still not sure' student

    Your ATAR is more or less as expected, but you are still not sure which courses you want to apply for. We can help you narrow down your options and select the Monash courses that will best suit your personal and career aspirations. Come to the Change of Preference Expo.

    The 'my ATAR is slightly lower than last year's clearly in' student

    It doesn’t matter – put your course preferences in. Clearly-in ATARs change from year to year, so they should be used as a guide only.

    The 'just in case' student

    Your ATAR is what you expected. But you want to make sure you have your options covered and aren’t taking any chances with your course preferences. Chat to us about your specific situation and we can give you some personalised advice.​

    The 'all is well' student

    Your ATAR is what you expected and you are fairly certain of what courses you want to include in your final preferences.  Even better, maybe your ATAR is higher than expected and you now want to consider courses you had previously left from your preferences. Check if you meet the prerequisites and any special requirements for the courses. You might not need to do anything. But if you do have some final questions about the courses you have applied for, we are here. Come to the Change of Preference Expo.

    The 'change of plan' student

    ​Your ATAR may be lower than expected. Don’t worry. You may just need to re-evaluate your options. You could consider diploma programs or courses with lower ATARs as a pathway to your dream course. Don’t forget, you may also be eligible for consideration through subject bonusing, the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) and the Monash Guarantee.

    Course information


    Wherever you’re headed, you’ll find a course at Monash that can get you there. Search for a course or explore our 10 study areas to see what’s waiting for you.

    Find out more


    There's more than one way to become a Monash student. If you don't meet the requirements for direct entry, consider our range of pathway options.

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    Contact us

    Domestic students

    1800 MONASH (1800 666 274)

    Outside Australia

    +61 3 9902 6011

    International students

    In Australia

    1800 181 838

    Outside Australia

    +61 3 9903 4788

    Extended contact hours during Change of Preference

    Monday 12 Dec to Friday 16 Dec: 8am – 6pm

    All other times

    Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm

    Australian Eastern Daylight Time (UTC+11)

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