Double degrees

A double degree allows you to study for two degrees at the same time. You will graduate with two different bachelor degrees, giving you more career flexibility and opportunities.

Studying towards two degrees at the same time allows you to keep your options open, to develop expertise in different but complementary areas, or simply to pursue two areas of interest in-depth.

Find a double degree

To find a double degree that suits you, search for courses in your primary area of interest, eg engineering. You will find double degrees listed after single degrees.

About double degrees

  • All 10 Monash faculties offer double degrees
  • You must meet all entry requirements for both double degree programs
  • Double degrees vary in duration from four to six-and-a-half-years
  • Electives from one degree can count towards the other
  • Some double degrees require you to study more than the standard full-time study load (additional fees are payable for extra units)
  • Most double degrees are studied jointly, but in some cases, studies may follow one another.