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At Monash, you have the option of choosing a double degree course.

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What is a double degree?

A double degree allows you to study for two degrees at the same time, saving you time and money. You’ll graduate with two different degrees, giving you more career flexibility and opportunities.

Why choose a double degree?

Studying two degrees at the same time allows you to keep your options open. You’ll build a depth of expertise and develop a broader range of skills in two different or complementary areas, providing multiple career options.

There’s a significantly higher rate of full-time employment after completing a double degree.

Save time and money

A double degree course takes two years less to complete than if you study the two degrees separately. This is because the required units in one course count as electives in the other.

For example, if you decide to take a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce, it’ll take you five years instead of seven.

Two testamurs (award certificates)

You’ll be awarded with two testamurs (award certificates), one for each degree completed.

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