Your study options

Off-campus learning

Just because you study with Monash, doesn't mean you always have to study at Monash. We also offer off-campus study.

Off-campus options

Part-time study

It can help you to balance academic, work and family life, as you are able to progress through your course at a pace that suits you.

Explore part-time study

Study overseas

There is a world of options to explore. Wherever you choose to go, we can help you get started.

Study overseas

Study for a semester in Australia: Exchange and Study Abroad

We have agreements with over 115 universities worldwide, meaning exchange with us is easy because we've already done a lot of the legwork (like working out fee arrangements and pre-approving many units) for you.

Studying abroad with Monash is available to any university student – regardless of whether your home institution has an exchange agreement in place with us.

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Mature age students

Life presents all sorts of challenges, and there are many reasons why some people don't go to university straight after they finish school. It doesn't matter what your route to university was – if you're ready to learn, we're ready to engage.

Mature age students

Entry pathways

If you didn't qualify for direct entry into Monash, don't worry. There are still plenty of ways to study at Monash. One of our entry pathways can smooth the way into the course of your choice.

Pathways for domestic students

Pathways for international students