An undergraduate course is normally your first degree. We have many courses in diverse areas of study:

What makes Monash one of the top Australian universities?

Flexible study options

We offer broad generalist degrees, double degrees and alternative entry options. Take advantage of our flexible study options and complete your course part-time, or through online or distance study.

More than just a degree

At Monash you can combine your degree with international exchanges, work training programs, volunteering, and research opportunities.

Get more out of your time

Monash has a huge array of sport associations, student clubs and clubs and societies. They host events, competitions,  productions,  get-togethers, seminars, camps and conferences throughout the year.

Joining a club or society at university will help you make new friends. It also makes your time studying at university more enjoyable. It can help to develop useful lifelong skills, like leadership, communication, networking, budgeting and management.

Undergraduate course guides

There are so many undergraduate degree options available at Monash. Find an undergraduate degree course that suits your interests and career aspirations.

Download undergraduate course guides