Sport at Monash

To make the most of your time at uni, a healthy and physically active lifestyle is essential. It's also a guaranteed way to make new friends while you study.

You don't have to be a sports nut or gym junkie to benefit. Monash campuses have plenty of free-play areas where you can have a kick of the ball, shoot hoops with friends, or just work out on the outdoor equipment in your spare time.

Monash University also provides high-quality services and programs at discounted rates to enrich your on-campus experience. We can teach you to swim, give you expert health and fitness advice, or show you how to perform a squat lift. At the gym, you'll find classes in aerobics, martial arts, yoga, aquatics  and cycling. Or, join a sports team and get involved in our social competitions. You could be one of more than 600 Monash students who compete at the Australian University Games every year.

No matter what your level of fitness or commitment, physical recreation is a great avenue into the Monash community.

Visit the Monash Sport website.