ATAR distribution report

The ATAR distribution report shows you the distribution of ATAR scores achieved by students who enrolled at Monash.

Monash is committed to providing you with transparent information so you can make better decisions about which course to study. We publish ATAR information (lowest selection rank to which an offer was made, Monash Guarantee ATAR, and lowest ATAR to which an offer was made) on our website so you can understand the ATAR requirements for entry into a particular course and if you are likely to receive an offer if you apply.

Please note: We are currently reviewing the latest ATAR distribution of students who enrolled at Monash in 2018 and we will publish the report when it is available.

Who is included in this report?

Students enrol at Monash from various educational pathways, not just from school. In addition to academic results, some Monash courses use a range of criteria, like interviews, auditions and portfolios, to match students to the right course. This report however only focusses on students admitted directly from school, into courses that use the ATAR for selection.

In other words, we are only looking at:

  • Students whose applications were assessed using information other than the ATAR, for example, students who commenced courses which had a range of entry criteria like interviews or portfolios
  • Students who commenced their course at Monash in 2017
  • Domestic students who applied via VTAC and were admitted directly from school (VCE, IB or interstate) on the basis of their ATAR

The report does NOT include information about:

  • Domestic students who applied on the basis of previous TAFE or university study, or applied directly to Monash (ie not via VTAC)
  • Domestic students who applied through VTAC for one of Monash’s Indigenous entry courses
  • International students

Data in the report is drawn from Monash University and VTAC sources.

How to use this report

This report shows you the ATAR distribution of students who enrolled at Monash in 2017 so you can understand the level of achievement for students currently undertaking your course of interest. Overall, the report is a good representation of student enrolments this year, and should be used in tandem with the course entry requirements for this year.

Students who qualified for adjustment factors under the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) and/or subject adjustments on their ATAR received both an achieved (pre-additional points) and adjusted (post-additional points) ATAR. Students who did not qualify for adjustment factors would have their ATAR unchanged.

Data sources: Admissions undergraduate worklist and enrolment return file, VTAC offer file, VTAC scholarship and SEAS files.