At Monash, we believe you will learn the skills that enable you to take a leading role in your future profession.Leadership skills will help you negotiate with colleagues and clients, manage a team, make decisions, communicate your ideas and ultimately progress your career.

Leaders have drive, confidence,and the capacity to change. They demonstrate strong vision, sound ethics, and emotional intelligence. They solve problems, resolve conflict, and communicate convincingly.

We offer a range of leadership programs – all differing in length and focus – so you can choose the one that best suits your aspirations. Participating will challenge you, extend you and prepare you for success at university and in life.

Student leadership programs

Browse a list of all leadership programs available to students.

TheVice-Chancellor's Ancora Imparo Student Leadership Program

Ancora Imparo, the Monash University motto, means 'I am still learning and creating'. This flagship program helps passionate and ambitious students prepare for future leadership roles, and includes theory, case studies,discussions, debates and seminars. Distinguished Australian leaders deliver many of the seminars, and you will meet a range of high-profile community figures.

You can apply for this program in your first year of study. Learn more about the Vice Chancellor's Ancora Imparo Program.

Faculty programs

A number of faculties at Monash offer leadership programs within specific courses. These skills will enhance your leadership potential, benefit your studies and give you a competitive edge in your future career.

Monash Orientation for Higher Objectives

Monash Orientation for Higher Objectives, known as MOHO, is an online leadership program designed to begin your journey to become a:

  • thought leader
  • public intellectual
  • social critic.

MOHO equips you to join in public debate about topics that form some of the core themes of Monash research such as environmental sustainability, health and wellbeing, and social inclusion.

Anyone can be a part of MOHO; you need only enrol to join in. Once you enrol, check Moodle, your online personal-learning environment to learn how to get started.