Request a school visit booking form

Monash University's Domestic Student Recruitment team is happy to receive your request for Monash staff to visit your school (expo or presentation) or for your students to visit us on campus (talk and/or tour.)

Please complete as much information as possible in the booking form below so that we may best meet your needs.

Whilst we strive to accommodate all requests, our capacity to meet your specific request can be limited at certain times throughout the year.

  • During the year's peak times (June/July) we prioritise visits organised by multiple schools or targeting year 12 students
  • Year 10 on campus visits are encouraged in Term 1 and 4 (and subject to venue availability)
  • Priority will be given to evening events targeting multiple year levels (particularly year 11 and 12) and coordinated by a group of schools
  • Please note that evening school based events should run no later than 8pm

Please note that students in years 7-9 are encouraged to attend the University Open Day as well as other events advertised in our monthly careers update.

We look forward to working with you and your students throughout 2017.