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Monash University's Domestic Student Recruitment team is happy to receive your request:

Monash follows the Australian Government’s advice aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19. Please see our COVIDsafe plan and updates here.

You may also like to consider offering your students virtual engagement opportunities which we are more than happy to organise and accommodate. And don't forget our extensive range of online/virtual tours and resources available via our Destination Monash Hub and Discover Monash events calendar.

Health and Safety Requirements for School Visits & Events

  • Please note: we require at least six weeks notice prior to an event, and as it's now peak recruitment season we may not be able to attend all the events we are invited to.
  • Please be mindful when organising an event that social distancing and Covid safe practices are adhered to. Particularly as we head towards winter we would like to maintain a healthy team so that we can continue to service and support events throughout the busy period.
  • It is highly unlikely we can attend all-day expos so please be mindful when requesting our attendance as we have finite resources and many invitations to support.
  • We are unable to participate in events past 8 pm.

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