Request a school visit booking form

Monash University's Domestic Student Recruitment team is happy to receive your request for Monash staff to visit your school (expo or presentation) or for your students to visit us on campus (talk and/or tour.)

On campus visits

Monash students have priority to facilities on campus for teaching purposes.  This means that access to venues for ad hoc activities is limited during semester time. There's also a great deal of construction happening at the Clayton campus which adds additional challenges when accessing facilities for on campus visits.

In 2018, Semester 1 runs from 19 February to 25 May and Semester 2 runs from 23 July to 19 October.

We recommend that where possible you plan on campus visits during our non-teaching times. Alternatively we'd appreciate at least 4 weeks notice for any on campus events you're planning, particularly during our semester times - however we may not be able to confirm these visits until we're able to secure venues.

Year 10 on campus visits are encouraged in Term 1 and 4 and are subject to venue availability.

Due to the new schools safe regulations, teachers must stay with their students during school visits at Monash including campus tour activities. We also request that teachers monitor student behaviour whilst on campus and ensure that students are respectful of staff, other students and of the environment they're visiting.

Term 3 events - Year 12 priority

The first few weeks of Term 3 are the busiest of the year. We receive over 120 invitations to attend events during this time, so there's many activities that we are unable to attend. At this time of year we prioritise events focusing on Year 12 Students or events including multiple schools.

Year 10 subject selection events

If you're planning an event around year 10 subject selection please consider holding these during term 2 as this will enable us to attend more of these requests.

Years 7 - 9

Students in years 7 to 9 are encouraged to attend the university Open Day, Inside Monash seminars and other events advertised in the Careers Update. Unfortunately we're unable to host Years 7, 8 and 9 cohorts on campus visits or attend events solely for these year levels.

We look forward to working with you and your students throughout 2018.