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Monash University's Domestic Student Recruitment team is happy to receive your request for Monash staff to visit your school (expo or presentation) or for your students to visit us on campus (talk and/or tour).

With over 500 secondary schools in Victoria we receive hundreds of requests a year. Whilst we may not be able to accept all requests, Monash is committed to providing equal opportunities to all students.

Below is a list of events and activities open to all students, parents and teachers to engage with Monash throughout the year across both Melbourne metro and regional areas.

Monash events (Registrations encouraged)

Other activities where you can see Monash

  • Tertiary Information Service Events (Metro and Regional, including Parent information evenings) March – August 2019
  • South East Career Expo – April 2 2019
  • VCE Expo May 2 – 5 2019
  • WRICA Expo May 23 – 24 2019
  • Frankston Mornington Peninsula Expo – 21 May 2019
  • Geelong Careers and Pathways Expo – May 13 2019
  • Ballarat Careers Expo – August 19 2019

School visit booking form