Monash Scholars frequently asked questions

What is the Monash Scholars Program?

The Monash Scholars Program is an engagement program for high achieving secondary school students in Years 10-12.  It aims to broaden and develop academic and life skills through interaction with Monash University.

How many students take part in the Monash Scholars Program?

Over 1000 students participate in the program every year.

What are the benefits of participating in the Monash Scholars Program?

Across their Years 10-12, Scholars are invited to a series of events that collectively achieve the below:

1. Enhanced learning

Students are academically supported through their senior education. Exclusive activities offered include a Preparing for Year 11 and 12 workshop.

2. Exploring career ambitions

Monash Scholars will have access to a number of events helping them evolve their understanding of possible career areas, hear from industry experts and learn important employability skills.

3. Defining personal aspirations

Monash University believes education should enhance a life, not simply prepare a student for a career. Monash Scholars will have the opportunity to explore their ambitions outside and beyond their careers.

4. Building networks

The Monash Scholars program brings high achieving students together. Like-minded participants gain the opportunity to build vital social networks, to sustain them through their final years of school and into university.

The benefits also continue should Monash Scholars apply and gain a place as a student at Monash University. There are a number of reserved places for Scholars in the Monash Minds Program, the university’s premier leadership program for first year students.  All enrolled Monash Scholars will be invited to apply.

How do I apply to the Monash Scholars Program?

Year 10 students from participating schools are invited to apply to the program in May.  Applications are made through this website, and students also need to be endorsed by their school.

Successful students are notified in June, and the first official welcome event will be held around June/July.

When does the program start?

The program commences with an official welcome event halfway through Year 10.

When does the program finish?

The program offers activities throughout students’ senior schooling years, finishing at the end of Year 12.

Where will most activities take place?

Most activities will be hosted on a Monash campus or location, particularly the Monash Clayton and Caulfield campuses.

What is the time commitment of the program?

Approximately 20 hours each year. Monash Scholars are expected to be actively engaged and attend the majority of events they are invited to.

Can I withdraw from the program?

Yes, you may withdraw from the program at any time. Please advise the Monash Scholar's Team if you plan to do so.

Are there any costs for me to participate?

For the vast majority of events, there are no costs involved to participating students.

What happens if I change schools while I am a Monash Scholar?

If you change schools after being accepted as a Monash Scholar you can remain with the program.  Please inform the Monash Scholar's Team of your change so that you still receive program updates.

If I do not plan on studying at Monash can I still participate in the program?

Yes. Whilst the program aims to showcase the benefits and value of a Monash education, we appreciate that life decisions may lead you elsewhere.

Do I receive a financial bursary for participating in the program?

No, the Scholars program does not offer a financial incentive to participate.

As a Monash Scholar, am I guaranteed entry into Monash as a university student?

No.  The program will expose you to the breadth of Monash University offerings and assist in your preparation for university, but does not offer any formal advantage in your admission to Monash.

What involvement do parents have in the program?

Parents are expected to enable their child’s participation and commitment to the program. A parent/guardian will be required to set up an active Operoo profile for their child. Through the Operoo App, parents/guardians will be required to provide permission for their child's event attendance. More information on Operoo can be found here. Parents will receive program updates and are occasionally invited to events.  Aside from this, parent/guardians do not have a formal commitment.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the program?

Monash Scholars Program
Telephone: 03 9903 4758