Domestic student recruitment team

The Domestic Student Recruitment Team works directly with Careers Practitioners in schools, attends Career Group meetings, conducts presentations, organises school visits on campus, and attends events off-campus such as careers evenings, expos and seminars where they can meet and talk to students in person.

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Georgina Bleich 
Director, Student Recruitment

Georgina is currently overseeing the Domestic Student Recruitment teams and is responsible for strategic recruitment planning and advice.

Tamara Barth (on maternity leave for 2017)
Senior Manager, Domestic Student Recruitment

Tamara is responsible for the management of the domestic Student Recruitment team. She has a double degree in business at Monash and is currently  working towards her postgraduate studies in a Masters of Leadership.

Helen O'Keeffe
Senior Manager, Domestic Student Recruitment
Helen will be stepping into the Senior Manager role of the Domestic Student Recruitment team in 2017. She is responsible for recruitment in the Northern Territory and has a background in secondary teaching.

Lauren Strathie
Manager, Domestic Postgraduate and Pathways
Lauren manages Postgraduate and non-school leaver recruitment for the university. She completed a Bachelor of Communication at Monash and has recently joined the team.

Melissa Shinkfield ​
Manager, Programs and High Achieving Students
Melissa oversees the Monash Extension Studies and Monash Scholars programs for high achieving secondary students. She also looks after schools in Western Australia. She is a Monash graduate with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce and has worked in various roles at Monash including Faculty Administration, recruitment and outreach.

Amy Little
Student Recruitment Coordinator (Domestic)
Amy's portfolio includes international onshore students, coordinating Monash Information evenings and is responsible for Tasmania. She works two days a week from our Peninsula campus. Amy is a Monash graduate with a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Communications and has also undertaken postgraduate studies in international relations. Amy was previously in a marketing and recruitment role at Monash Business School before joining the domestic recruitment team.

Ben Law
Student Recruitment Coordinator (Domestic)
Ben oversees student recruitment in Queensland and is the liaison for key expos and TIS. Ben has completed a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science and comes with experience in the domestic and international market space.

Jacqui Burchell
Student Recruitment Coordinator (Domestic)
Jacqui is responsible for coordinating school visits and expos on behalf of the team. She also manages key events for the team including Open day and Change of Preference and is our contact for students and careers teachers from South Australia. Jacqui holds a Bachelor of Business (Hospitality) and brings with her a range of events experience having previously worked with the Monash Student Association in the Host Scheme and Volunteering programs.

Rachel Ung
Student Engagement Coordinator
Rachel coordinates the Monash Scholars Program for High Achieving students, and looks after the ACT recruitment market.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Monash and an Executive Master of Arts from the University of Melbourne.  She has worked in various roles across recruitment, marketing and faculty at Monash.

Richenda Sabo
Student Recruitment Coordinator (Domestic)
Richenda works 3 days a week and works on special projects within the team. Richenda is a Monash graduate with a Bachelor of Arts. She has a background in events and education and has worked in various roles at Monash including study abroad, community services and recruitment.

Michaela Gabbe
Student Recruitment Program Officer
Michaela is responsible for the administration of the Monash Extension Program and provides support for Monash Scholars. A Monash graduate, she has completed a Bachelor of Music, Diploma of Languages (Spanish) and also a Diploma of Education (Secondary). She previously worked as a teacher for five years before joining the Domestic Recruitment team.

Julie Baxter
Student Recruitment Officer (Domestic)
Julie provides admin support to the Monash Scholars Program and represents Monash at TIS events around Victoria. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and has previously worked in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at the university.

Kira Duroux
Student Recruitment Coordinator (Regional Engagement)
Kira is a proud Gumbaynggirr woman, who is passionate about tertiary education and access to it for all. She looks after schools in the Western Suburbs and regional schools in Victoria and NSW. She holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Communication and brings experience from her background in Social Work and Sports Event Management.