Domestic student recruitment team

The Domestic Student Recruitment Team works directly with Careers Practitioners in schools, attends Career Group meetings, conducts presentations, organises school visits on campus, and attends events off-campus such as careers evenings, expos and seminars where they can meet and talk to students in person.

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Julie Baxter
Senior Manager, Domestic Student Recruitment

Julie is responsible for the management of the Domestic Student Recruitment team. She has a degree in Journalism and has undertaken a range of roles at Monash in Marketing, Communications, Admissions and Student Recruitment.
Contact: or 03 9903 4810 / 0417 592 027

Scott Knight
Manager, Domestic Postgraduate and Pathways

Scott manages Postgraduate and non-school leaver recruitment for the university and previously worked for Monash Art, Design and Architecture. Scott holds an Associate Degree in Hospitality Management and Marketing and has held previous roles in Student Recruitment and marketing across the tertiary education sector.
Contact: or 03 9903 4762 / 0412 131 777

Melissa Shinkfield ​
Manager, Programs and High Achieving Students

Melissa oversees Monash Scholars program and programs for high achieving secondary students. She also looks after schools in Western Australia. She is a Monash graduate with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce and has worked in various roles at Monash including Faculty Administration, recruitment and outreach.
Contact: or 03 9903 4282 / 0439 760 971

Ben Law
Student Recruitment Coordinator (Domestic)

Ben is our contact for students and careers teachers from NSW and NZ and also provides support for selected schools in Melbourne. Ben holds a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science and has worked in various roles across student recruitment, marketing and student engagement across Monash University.
Contact: or 03 9903 4720 / 0408 259 815

Megan Dunster
Student Recruitment Coordinator (Domestic)
Megan has recently joined the Domestic Student Recruitment team to support the coordination of the Monash Scholars program and provide support to schools and career groups in metropolitan and regional Victoria. Megan comes from a healthcare background, holding a Bachelor of Nursing and has previous experience working as a Registered Nurse. She has joined us from Monash University’s Social Inclusion and Outreach team.
Contact: or 03 9903 4755 / 0409 663 352

Jetta McFarlane
Student Recruitment Coordinator (Domestic) 
Jetta supports the Monash Scholars program for high achieving students, and is also the main contact for students and careers teachers from Queensland. She is a Monash graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (Global) and Bachelor of Science, and previously worked with Monash Abroad and the International Student Recruitment team before joining Domestic Recruitment.
Contact: or 03 9903 1404 / 0429 918 125

Jacqui Burchell
Student Recruitment Coordinator (Domestic)

Jacqui is responsible for managing key events for the team including Open day and Change of Preference and other special projects. Jacqui currently works 3 days a week and is our contact for students and careers teachers from South Australia.  Jacqui holds a Bachelor of Business (Hospitality) and brings with her a range of events experience having previously worked with the Monash Student Association in the Host Scheme and Volunteering programs.
Contact: or 03 9903 1613 / 0408 460 681

Tara Peck
Student Recruitment Coordinator (Domestic)

Tara has recently joined the team working 3 days a week and is a contact point for regional careers groups as well as representing Monash at school visits, expos and TIS events. Tara holds a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) and has a background in student recruitment and engagement roles.
Contact: or 03 9903 4737

Anthony Harvey 
Student Recruitment Officer (Domestic)
Anthony provides support for metropolitan and regional schools by representing Monash at school visits, majors expos and TIS events. Anthony has a background in Business Development and Marketing and joined the Monash domestic recruitment team after previous student engagement roles within the education sector.
Contact: or 03 9903 2743 / 0437 731 697