Fees information

Understanding your fees, especially if you’re studying at University for the first time, can be confusing.

Luckily, we’ve broken down some of the typical course costs below -- but if you want a more in-depth understanding of what your specific fees may be, get in touch with Monash Connect below.

Course fees

Each course will have different fees attached to them whether you’re an international or domestic student, and your best starting point is our course page database.

Once you find a course which interests you, you can find information about the fees attached to that course under the Applications and Fees tab.

Government support may be available to cover these fees -- you can find more information here.

In addition, you may have other costs associated with study such as textbooks and services.

International Students

Coming to Australia to study can carry other costs and fees aside from your course fees, which we’ve broken down below:

Pathway program fees

If you’re studying in Australia, you may be on a Pathway to Monash program at Monash College such as studying one of our English language courses, doing a Foundation Year course or a Monash College Diploma.

You can find more information about the fees associated with these programs here:

Compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

When you come to Australia, you need to prove to the Australian government that you have health cover -- in case of medical emergency.

Even if you’re not on a student visa, you should get cover.

You can find more information on OSHC here, but the Monash-preferred OSHC provider is Allianz Care.

With Allianz you’ll get:

  • on-campus Allianz support staff
  • holiday credits added to your cover
  • waived waiting periods for pre-existing mental health or pregnancy-related claims
  • the Sonder safety app with access to a 24/7 safety and support service.

Living in Australia

Like all countries, the cost of living may vary depending on what style of accommodation you choose and other factors -- so it’s hard to give you one, neat figure.

Luckily, we’ve broken down some of the typical costs here.

Study Abroad fees

There may be fees associated with being a Study Abroad participant, which you can read more about here.

Important: Exchange Students do not pay fees to Monash, as the tuition cost is covered by an agreement between your home institution and Monash. Make sure you check which category you fall into.

Refunds and Discounts

If you’ve overpaid (or in some other circumstances), you could be eligible for a discount. Find out more about refunds.


Monash offers discounts in two circumstances -- if you’re an alumni, or you have a sibling studying at Monash.

Alumni discount

Want to get back to study? If you’ve finished undergraduate study within the last five years, you may be eligible for a 10 per cent discount on eligible full-fee courses for 2022 and 2023.

Family (sibling) discount

If your brother or sister is studying at Monash and you’re both full fee paying students, one of you could get a 10 per cent discount on your course fees. Find out about the family (sibling) discount.