Clubs and societies

Studying at uni offers a unique opportunity to try out new things and explore what most interests you. The best way to share these experiences is by joining a club and participating in your local student association.

All Monash campuses have student-run clubs that organise fun activities such as trips and social events. There are clubs for everybody, from anime and chess fanatics to lovers of performing arts and the outdoors, medieval enthusiasts and volunteer groups.

Whether you want to meet people who share the same hobbies, who like the same music, or if you just want somebody to hang out with, clubs and societies are vital parts of uni life. And if you can't find a club that you like, we can help you start a new one.

Visit the clubs and societies website.

Monash student associations

Just as the name suggests, student associations represent students. The associations are made up of representatives elected by students and whose role is to liaise with the university to provide services, facilities and amenities around campus.

Student associations give you the chance to influence campus life.

There are heaps of ways you can get involved in your student association, such as writing for the student newspaper, joining a special interest club, and organising events like orientation week.

Participating is not only the key to a great uni experience, it will also help you develop many important life skills such as leadership and working with a team.

Visit the student associations websites.