Grid Integration and GPS Studies of Renewables - PDE1001

Learn about timely topics in power engineering and grid integration of renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar. We'll focus on power electronic converters, their control, and PSCAD-related National Electricity Rules (NER) Clauses in generator performance standards (GPS). You will learn to build and model the components for a grid-connected voltage source converter (VSC) in PSCAD, which shall progress into introducing and investigating the eight PSCAD-related NER Clauses found within the AEMO Connection Application Checklist.

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Optional additional workshop

This 4-hour online workshop session is intended for PSCAD beginners and it aims to teach basic techniques that will be useful throughout the course.

In this workshop, we will step through introductory items in PSCAD such as setting up a basic network and running a simulation case, which will then be followed by simple exercises and demonstration, and conclude with Q&A and some troubleshooting.

At the end of the workshop you will be positioned well to commence the content in the practical sessions of the course.

Date and Time:

04 February 1.00 pm – 5.00pm

Cost: $400

Suitable for participants with no or limited knowledge of PSCAD


Dr Behrooz Bahrani

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On Campus Options:

  • Early bird registration fee by December 20th, 2023: $3900,
  • Full cost after early bird date: $4,800
Online Options:
  • Early bird registration fee by December 20th, 2023: $3200,
  • Full cost after early bird date: $3,900,
Basic PSCAD Workshop: $400

Student Stories/Testimonials

"Detailed lecture-style theory sessions followed with hands-on PSCAD application sessions were quite helpful to better understand some of the key concepts such as PLL, DQ current control, grid-forming inverters, response to disturbances following contingency events, and etc" - E Aydın KIZILIRMAK- Grid Connections Manager at Enel Green Power

Do I need to use my own device?
You will need to use your own PSCAD compatible device. Please be aware that PSCAD is only compatible on the WINDOWS operating system. We also strongly recommend using a mouse with your device.

What if I do not have a PSCAD compatible device/or any device?

If you do not have a PSCAD-compatible device, we have a limited number of PSCAD-compatible devices, with PSCAD pre-installed, that we can make them available remotely so you can access them with AnyDesk for the duration of the course for a small fee. Please send an enquiry email to behrooz.bahrani@monash.eduonly after registering if you should require one. Please understand that we need time to organise and coordinate these, so any fee paid for a loan device will be non-refundable should you change your mind.

PSCAD Licenses
We will be providing PSCAD educational licenses for the duration of the course. These, along with download instructions, shall be providing closer to the course commencement date. With these you will be able to download PSCAD to your device. We strongly recommend that you download PSCAD before the commencement of the course, to avoid any potential delays and overcome any troubleshooting that may be required.