Information for Latin American Students

Information for Latin American Students

Welcome to the Monash University Latin America Information Page

Here you will find key information about Monash, as well as our downloadable guides, and information on how to contact us here on campus.

We are a world-leading institution, based in one of the best cities in the world, and we look forward to welcoming you to our campus.

Fund your Studies at Monash

Discover the many agreements that Monash has across Latin America to help support you with your studies. Explore the loans, grants and discounts Monash has in place right here.

How Does Monash Rank?

Monash is one of the top 100 universities in the world. Many of our programs are in the Top 50. See a list of our key rankings and achievements, both at a whole-of-university level, and in individual program areas.

Download the Course Guides

Download copies of our Undergraduate, Graduate, and Faculty Course guides here and start your journey with Monash today

Excellence in Research and Education

Monash is a member of the Group of Eight, an alliance of leading Australian universities recognised for their excellence in teaching and research. Group of Eight universities produce graduates who find full-time employment sooner, begin on higher salaries, and are more likely to move onto postgraduate studies than graduates from other Australian universities.

How to Apply

Ready to start your application? Or looking for some support with the process? Monash has a wide network of Agent representatives across Latin America. You are welcome to apply directly to Monash via our website, or engage one of our agent representatives to assist you.

Speak with us

¿Preferiría hablar con su gerente regional Monash?

Want to chat directly with us? With staff in Mexico and Melbourne we are available to chat to you 24 hours a day.

To speak with our Country Manager in Mexico (Inglés o español), contact:

Sharon Kahan
Whatsapp: +52 55 5104 9422
Skype: sharonkahanmonash

To speak with our Regional Manager in Melbourne, contact:

Jack Johnston
Whatsapp: TBA

Learn about our Alumni

Juan Zulugoa (Colombia)  
Monash Business School

Juan Zulugoa

"Having a masters is not only an academic experience, it’s a life experience. And in this city, in this country, in this university, you can find that. It’s amazing. And it changes your mind, the way you see the world, the things you want to do after you finish, it changes everything."

Dominica Vaca (Ecuador)

"I knew I wanted to do education, and when I was searching for schools I saw that Monash was the 6th best University for Education. I thought that it would be an excellent degree to have and Monash looked like a very nice environment to be in. Now that I'm here I love it, I think it's beautiful. It's easy to get around and easy to get to know people. The people are so friendly and so lovely, if you ever need anything, everyone's just happy to help you, everyone's happy to be there, help you get around, even if they don't know the answer they'll point you in the right direction."

"I love Melbourne, I think Melbourne is beautiful. I live in Berwick and I have the Peninsula very close, so I'm always at the beaches. Then, Melbourne the city has so many things to do all the time, it's just so magnificent. The weather can be kind of weird at times, but it's a small trade-off for all of the other great things about Melbourne."