2018 Monash Scholars events and engagement opportunities

Events are a pivotal and exciting part of engaging with students in our program.  Scholars will be formally invited to the events they are eligible to attend.

A key event that Scholars from all year levels are encouraged to attend is Open Day.

Dates are:

  • Saturday, 4 August – Peninsula
  • Sunday, 5 August – Caulfield, Clayton
  • Sunday, 19 August – Parkville

We’ll have an exclusive high achievers space at Clayton Open Day – so make sure you come and say hi!

We also keep in touch with our Scholars Facebook cohort groups.  For more details of how to join your cohort group, email monashscholars@monash.edu .

Year 10

Date Event Location
Tuesday, 1 May – Sunday, 27 May

Applications open for the Monash Scholars Class of 2018 – 2020

Friday, 29 June - Saturday, 30 June

Welcome events

To welcome our new Scholars into the program, a series of official events have been arranged for Scholars and their families. You’ll discover what opportunities await you over the next few years, and meet the team who manage the program.

Below are the event details, and you can RSVP through the acceptance googleform.

Friday, 29 June - 6:30pm - 8pm - Monash Law Chambers, 555 Lonsdale Street, City
Saturday, 30 June - 10am - 10:30am - South One Lecture Theatre, 43 Rainforest Walk, Clayton campus
Saturday, 30 June - 2pm - 3:30pm - South One Lecture Theatre, 43 Rainforest Walk, Clayton campus

If you are unable to attend a Welcome Event, you can elect to have a Welcome Pack delivered to you instead. You will receive your pack in the week beginning 9 July.

Parkville and Clayton
Thursday, 5 July

Team Building Day

This first engagement event for new Scholars focuses on building teams and community. You’ll participate in a number of fun activities that will help you connect with your fellow Scholars, and also pick up some cool program merchandise.

Team Building Day
Time: 10:45am - 1:45pm 
Venue: The Stadium, Monash Sport, Clayton campus

Thursday, 29 November

Preparing for VCE/IB for students and parents

We know your senior years at school are important to you and your family, and want to help you prepare for them.  Scholars will gain tips for study and wellbeing from current high achieving Monash students, and parents will hear from experts regarding supporting their child over the next couple of years.

Year 11

Date Event Location
Saturday, 3 March

How to win friends and influence people

This first Year 11 event focuses on the concept of networking.  Scholars are given the skills to have quality conversations, become aware of their body language and grow their confidence in social situations.

Monash Law Chambers, City
Saturday, 3 March – Friday, 23 March

Applications open for the 2017 Monash Scholars Council

The Monash Scholars Council is a unique opportunity for an engaged group of Year 11 Scholars to come together to influence and lead the Scholars experience for their peers.  All Year 11 Scholars are eligible to apply.

Thursday, 12 April

Monash Scholars Council Meet and Greet

An induction meeting for the appointed Monash Scholars Council.
Level 7, 271 Collins Street, City
Friday, 13 July

Knowledge Summit  

The pinnacle event of the Year 11 Scholar’s calendar, the Knowledge Summit is an interdisciplinary opportunity that brings Monash’s faculties together to discuss a current topic. Students will be required to think broadly about a current issue and engage with teaching and research champions from the University.

Monday, 24 September         

Choose your own adventure

Designed by the Year 11 Scholars Council, this event will allow Scholars to choose between a number of informative, experiential and social sessions according to their interests.


Year 12

Date Event Location
April school holidays

Choosing your path appointments

We know that many of you are still unsure about what to study after high school (which is perfectly normal, by the way!), so we’re inviting you to talk it through with us.  If you’re tossing up between a few options, or want to know what courses suit your interests and abilities, you can book in for a phone call with us.

Caulfield and Clayton
Friday, 6 April 
(*note date change)

Year 12 Find Your Groove Day

This event will focus on your study interests and where they might lead after school.

Tuesday, 25 September

Year 12 Scholars break-up event

To celebrate your participation in the program and give you a chance to relax with your fellow Scholars, we’re throwing you a party! There’ll be good tunes, good fun and a program participation gift to collect.

Monday, 17 December
1pm - 7pm       
Monash Change Day + High Achievers Lunch

You're invited to the Monash Change Day expo on Monday, 17 December at Monsh Caulfield. The event is public from 3pm-7pm, but we'll invite you to a VIP lunch and priority hour from 1pm-3pm.
December - January 2019

Change of Preference and Offers

We’ll be in touch over December and January with information and support for Change of Preference and offer release. During this time, you're welcome to contact monashscholars@monash.edu if there is anything we can assist you with.


Please note that the Scholars event calendar changes from year-to-year, and is responsive to particular cohort needs and requests.