Enrolment changes

Before making a change to your enrolment you should check what affect the change may have on your scholarship. For more information please contact the Coursework Scholarships Unit.

Transferring scholarships to another degree

You may be able to transfer your scholarship or grant to another degree. Your scholarship will automatically be transferred to a valid course once you have completed your course transfer. If your scholarship is transferable, you will only be paid for the minimum number of credit points remaining for you to complete the original course for which the scholarship was awarded. Your scholarship will not be paid for any additional credit points. For example -

  • Original course - Bachelor of Laws (which requires 192 credit points, or equivalent four years full-time to complete)
  • Transferred course - Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (which requires 252 credit points, or 5.25 years to complete)
  • Outcome - Your scholarship would be paid for the minimum number of credit points to complete the Bachelor of Laws degree (192 credit points).

Intermitting scholarships

Most scholarships and grants can be intermitted. You are not required to contact the Coursework Scholarships Unit to intermit your scholarship, this will automatically be processed once your course intermission is processed.

Scholarships that cannot be deferred can also not be intermitted in the first semester of study.