For parents

We understand that you want the best possible future for your child. A university education will help your child succeed in today's workforce and establish an enjoyable career of their choice. We have built our reputation on career-focused degrees, the highest academic standards and research that makes difference. Monash consistently ranks among the top one per cent of world universities, and is one of Australia's most prestigious universities.

Here are some further reasons to choose Monash.

Our reputation and rankings

Monash courses prepare our students for the global workforce. At Monash, students take classes relevant to their chosen career from the first weeks on campus.

Monash is ranked in many different surveys as one of the world's best universities.

Times Higher Education rates us in the top 100 of world universities in both their World University Rankings and their Reputation Rankings. In Australia, we're in the Group of Eight, an alliance of leading Australian universities recognised for their excellence in teaching and research.

We're proud of our achievements, but don't just take our word for it. Hear what our students, our graduates and industry employers have to say about Monash.

Our brilliant rankings

Our global network

Monash has global reach. We have campuses in Australia, Malaysia and South Africa and institutes in Italy, China and India. And we have partnerships with more than 115 universities in 25 different countries. Students can also spend a semester or more at our international campuses and partners, broadening their horizons and practical experience. Our global presence ensures students are recognised for their hard work – no matter where in the world they choose to pursue their dreams.

Our student support

Starting a university degree is exciting, but it can also be daunting – especially when it coincides with leaving home for the first time. We have lots of resources and programs to help your child settle into Monash, develop study skills, make friends, and adjust to life in Australia.

The inter-campus shuttle bus is a free service to help students get to our other campuses easily.

Our commitment to your child's safety

Safety is an important issue. At Monash we do everything we can to ensure students' safety. We have 24-hour security on all campuses, several safety programs, and a strong relationship with Victoria Police. Monash briefs international students about safety and security as part of orientation and/or pre-departure briefings. Monash also provides a 24-hour emergency number and Safer Community Unit to assist students with safety and security questions.

Find out about our safety services for students.

There is a security bus operating from both Caulfield and Clayton campuses every 30 mins between 5.30pm and 12.30am Monday to Friday.

Melbourne is known as one of the most liveable - and safest - cities in the world. International students rarely experience safety concerns while they are studying in Australia.

Our courses

Monash offers several different types of courses, including English language and bridging programs that can help your child get into the right university course.

Search our course database to see every course we offer.

Keeping in touch

Australia boasts sophisticated communication services with extensive coverage across the country, providing many different and affordable ways for parents and students to keep in touch. We have included some important information about these services below.

Internet access

The internet provides an economical way for students and parents to keep in touch. Using instant messaging services like G-Chat or making internet calls through Skype is inexpensive and easy. The well-developed internet connection in Australia allows you and your child to share each other exciting moments by sending pictures, videos and texts on computer or mobile easily and instantly.

Students in Australia are able to access the internet on campus and at local community libraries for free. Wireless internet access is available in many public places.

Personal access to the internet is available for international students through a fixed contract with internet providers which is similar to that of mobile phone plans, or prepaid and wireless packages. For home access to the internet with a landline, major internet service providers include Telstra, Optus, TPG, Dodo and amaysim. For lower usage in internet services, these providers also offer wireless broadband. Check out their websites for further information.

Mobile phones and telecommunication service

Mobile phone services are available in urban areas and many regional areas. There are many telecommunication service providers that offer a variety of mobile phone plans for international students.

International students can choose a post-paid plan (typically a contract of either 12 or 24 months that comes with a free handset). A post-paid plan means that at the end of the month you pay for the calls you have made during that month. Another option is a pre-paid plan, where you pay an amount in advance to buy credit. You can then 'top up' your credit when it has been used up. Find out more about the coverage and mobile plans of some of the main providers:




Other things that are good to know

If you're unfamiliar with the Australian university system, this glossary of common terms may help.