About the program

Monash Scholars is a prestigious program for high achieving secondary school students based in Victoria. The program is offered by Monash University to give high potential students a unique head start into university life. It provides opportunities for personal and academic development, as well as, giving students the knowledge, skills and confidence to make the right study choices. It also enables them to expand their network of like-minded peers.

Participating schools

There are currently 133 participating schools in the program. Most participating schools are offered up to three students per year to participate in the program. See list of the participating schools.

If you attend a school that is not a participating school, you can still apply for one of our 30 'open' places.

How to apply (applications only open to Year 10)

The application process information is shared directly with schools. Each year, applications are accepted from Year 10 students only. If accepted into the program, students participate across years 10-12.

Applications for students from Monash Scholar Partner Schools

The school will receive information about the application process. It will be the school's responsibility to collect expressions of interest (EOI) from students wishing to apply for the program. From these EOIs, schools will endorse a select number of students to apply and will provide those students with a unique application link. Monash will then assess all applications and advise students of the outcome of their application.

Applications for students who do not attend a Monash Scholar Partner Schools

Students that do not attend a Monash Scholar Partner School can still apply to participate in the program through one of the 'open' places. Students will need to ask their career's teacher to contact the Monash Scholar's team to request application information. Information will be shared with the teacher, who will then provide an application link to the student only if their application is endorsed by the school. Monash will then assess all applications and advise students of the outcome of their application.

2022 Applications

Applications for the 2022 Monash Scholar's Program have now closed. (Please note: no late applications will be taken.)

2023 Information will be updated to this page by March 2023.

Partner School contacts will be emailed information about the 2023 intake from early  March.

Non-partner schools can email their interest to Monash Scholars to be sent information closer to applications opening.


If you have any queries, please email monashscholars@monash.edu.