About data fluency

Data Fluency is a cross-disciplinary initiative by the Monash University Library and the Bioinformatics platform aiming to build researcher capability at Monash University. Becoming involved in the community will provide you with opportunities to develop skills and learn to use tools to explore, interpret and visualise big data in a meaningful way and effectively communicate your research and ideas.

The initiative was officially launched on 23rd March, 2018,  by Provost and Senior Vice-President Marc Parlange at the Sir Louis Matheson Library, Clayton campus. Professor Parlange said research today has made it necessary for researchers and professionals to be able to understand, write code and interact in the digital enquiry space.

“This need has expanded from the traditional disciplines to various non-traditional and multi-disciplinary environments,” said Professor Parlange. “Establishing and supporting a community of practice here at Monash is a welcome initiative that will empower our researchers to effectively communicate their research and ideas.”

A panel of experts shared their experiences in using different digital tools like R, Python, machine learning and others. The panelists included Associate Professor David Powell (Director Bioinformatics Platform), Dr Simon Musgrave (Faculty of Arts), Professor Di Cook (Faculty of Business and Economics) and Professor Geoff Webb (Faculty of Information Technology). Workshops were also held in the afternoon.

The launch is a step towards building a community of passionate, like-minded Monash researchers, graduate researchers and professional staff, growing and sharing expertise across disciplines to enhance knowledge and capability.

Novices, experts and those in-between can become part of the community and take advantage of skill development workshops, weekly drop-in sessions, events and resources for staff and students.