Data Fluency for Researchers

Data Fluency for Researchers is a cross-disciplinary initiative by Monash University Library and the Monash Bioinformatics Platform aiming to build researcher capability at the University.

The program provides a range of workshops that focus on developing researchers’ skills in using, exploring, interpreting and visualising data in a meaningful way and in effectively communicating research and ideas. Alongside the workshops, the program aims to build a community and offer opportunities to engage in informal drop-ins, seminars and networking opportunities to further develop skills and knowledge.

Graduate Research students, professional staff and early career researchers learn from each other and share their knowledge and approaches across disciplinary areas.

Launch of Data Fluency

The initiative was officially launched on 23rd March 2018, by Provost and Senior Vice-President Marc Parlange at the Sir Louis Matheson Library, Clayton campus. Professor Parlange said research today has made it necessary for researchers and professionals to be able to understand, write code and interact in the digital enquiry space.

During the Launch, a panel of experts from across the university shared their experiences in using different digital tools like R, Python, machine learning and others. The panelists included Associate Professor David Powell (Director Bioinformatics Platform), Dr Simon Musgrave (Faculty of Arts), Professor Di Cook (Faculty of Business and Economics) and Professor Geoff Webb (Faculty of Information Technology).

The launch was the first step towards building a community of passionate, like-minded Monash researchers, graduate researchers and professional staff, growing and sharing expertise across disciplines to enhance knowledge and capability.

Growth of Data Fluency

Since the launch of Data Fluency in early 2018, the Community has grown rapidly and now offers more workshops, more often to meet the needs of our research and professional community.

In addition to the introductory R and Python courses with which the Community launched, we now offer both workshops at intermediary and advanced levels, as well as workshops in Unix Shell, High Performance Computing, TensorFlow, OpenRefine, and more.

In 2019, the Community introduced 12 new Associate Instructors to help deliver this growing number and range of workshops, alongside our existing team of instructors from the Bioinformatics Platform and the Library.

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