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Group leader

Udo Bach

Professor Udo Bach

Udo Bach is a full professor at Monash University and the Monash Node Leader of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science. He received his PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL, Switzerland) working in the research group of Prof Michael Grätzel and worked for 3 years in a technology start-up company in Dublin (Ireland). Subsequently he spent 15 months as a postdoc in the group of Prof. Paul Alivisatos in UC Berkeley (USA) before moving to Monash University in November 2005 to establish his own research group. Prof Bach has a strong background in the area of photovoltaics and nanofabrication. He is involved in fundamental and applied research in the area of perovskite and dye-sensitized solar cells. He has additional research activities in the area of nanofabrication, DNA-directed self-assembly, nanoprinting, plasmonics for sensing, photovoltaic applications and combinatorial photovoltaic materials discovery.

Postdoctoral fellows

Boer Tan

Dr. Boer Tan
Research Fellow

Sebastian Fürer

Dr. Sebastian Fürer
Research Fellow

Kevin Rietwyk

Dr. Kevin Rietwyk
Research Fellow

Tian Zhang

Dr. Tian Zhang
Research Fellow

David McMeekin

Dr. David McMeekin
Research Fellow

Wenxin Mao

Dr. Wenxin Mao
Research Fellow

Gaveshana Sepalage

Dr. Gaveshana Sepalage
Research Fellow

Narendra Pai

Dr. Narendra Pai
Research Fellow

Nadja Glück

Dr. Nadja Glück
Research Fellow

Na Gyeong An

Dr. Na Gyeong An
Visiting Researcher

PhD students


Xiongfeng Lin

Dr. Xiongfeng Lin
Research Fellow