Healthy Choices guidelines

Monash University has adopted the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices guidelines. In the guidelines, they use the traffic light system to classify food and drinks as Green, Amber or Red according to their healthiness.

We’ve worked closely with our on-campus retailers to ensure healthy options are available in stores and vending machines – just look out for the green Good Food stickers.

Green foods and drinks are your healthiest choices. Usually they’re:

  • good sources of important nutrients
  • lower in saturated fat, added sugar and/or salt
  • lower in energy (kilojoules)
  • higher in fibre.

Amber foods and drinks should be selected carefully and eaten in moderation. They may contain good nutrients, but they might also:

  • cause you to take in too much energy (kilojoules)
  • contain saturated fat, added sugar and/or salt.

Red foods aren’t essential. If you consume them too often, or in large amounts, they can lead to weight gain and chronic diseases.

Generally, red choices are:

  • high in energy (kilojoules)
  • high in saturated fat, added sugar and/or salt
  • low in important nutrients such as fibre.

Our dietitians

Jane Dancey, BSc (Hons), MND, APD

Senior Project Manager, Health and Wellbeing

Jane is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who joined Monash in 2016 as the University’s Specialist Nutrition Consultant. She works with retailers, caterers and vending providers to increase the availability of healthy food at Monash.

Since Jane began her career in clinical dietetics, she has worked in Melbourne, Alice Springs, London, and Manchester.

In 2020, Jane started a PhD looking at the feasibility of using current public health frameworks to provide healthy eating options in competitive and multi-operator retail environments.

Shirley Phan, BNutDiet (Hons), APD

Dietitian, Health and Wellbeing

Shirley Phan is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) leading the implementation of the Healthy Choices guidelines across the University. She believes in promoting food and drink options on campus that are nourishing, well-priced and delicious.

As part of her role at Monash, Shirley works closely with the food retailers and other key stakeholders to ensure that our on-campus food options support a healthy lifestyle and help young adults develop good eating habits for life.

Shirley is also working with Monash Foodies to share nutrition and healthy eating tips with students and the wider Monash community.