Stats and facts

Do you know most disposable coffee cups are not recyclable and can take up to 50 years to break down in landfill? Across our four campuses, Monash throws away more than 760,000 single disposable coffee cups every year, which is enough to fill 20 trams. It’s time to ditch the disposables and bring your own cup, dine in, or use the new borrow cups on campus.

Read more about disposable cups stats and facts on the campus sustainability website.

Bring your own cup (BYOC) discount

Many on-campus cafes provide a BYOC coffee discount. Save your money and save the planet!

Artichoke + Whitebait Clayton 10 cents off
Cinque Lire Clayton 10 cents off
Coffee Point Clayton 10 cents off
Grafali’s Clayton 20 cents off

Ditch your single use coffee cup

Borrow a reusable Green Caffeen cup at one of the selected Clayton or Peninsula campus cafés. Simply download the app, find your nearest café, collect your reusable cup and coffee, and when you’re finished, return your cup to any of the 700 participating cafes across Australia. The service is free as long as you return your cup within the designated time.

For more information, please visit the Monash Environmental Sustainability website.