Commercialisation partners

Monash University has developed strong relationships and partnerships with a number of key organisations both globally and locally to help advance the commercialisation agenda in Australia. Monash has a long history of commercialisation, from Monash IVF to the many success stories that have followed in medicine, drug discovery, engineering, IT and physical sciences.

We work with a number of different partners to help maximise the impact that can be achieved through the research and inventions that take place at a leading research university. Our partnerships span venture capital firms, industry innovation labs and commercialisations funds that offer funding, facilities, expertise and global markets to drive innovation through research.

In addition, Monash is actively engaged in shaping the commercialisation landscape in Australia, regularly inputting into design processes lead by state and federal governments, most recently with the 2021 University Research Consultation Scheme consultation process. Monash University is also an active member of KCA (Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia), the ANZ technology transfer practitioner organisation which is the source of the Survey of Commercialisation Outcomes of Public Research (SCOPR) and founder member of ATTP, the international Association of Technology Transfer Practitioners.

Our key current commercialisation partners are:



BioCurate – a key Monash University relationship in conjunction with the University of Melbourne and supported by the Victorian State Government, to take important medical discoveries out of the lab and into the real world through funding and further development of research. BioCurate’s first spinout company is Pio Therapeutics, formed to develop a new immunotherapy for cancer treatment based on Monash IP.

IP Group

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IP Group: As one of nine collaborating universities, Monash University works with the IP Group, a venture capital firm, to achieve successful commercialisation of technologies arising from these universities. IP Group aims to realise the full potential of world-leading deep technology research. To date, IPG has supported these three Monash spinout companies: Additive Assurance, Inosi Therapeutics and Rage Biotech


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MRCF aims to transform Australia and New Zealand's most promising medical discoveries into the latest medical therapies that save lives and improve the quality of life, while generating returns for investors. The fund has invested in the Monash spinout Aravax to develop a safe, convenient disease-modifying treatment for peanut allergy and into a Monash University / University of South Australia spinout, Cincera Therapeutics, to develop therapies for metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes-related diseases.


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The Johnson and Johnson Innovation Partnering Office @ Monash (JJIPO@Monash) is a hub for researchers and early-stage companies to interact with experts to deliver novel healthcare solutions.